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The last one kills me 15 hours ago

I just ate lunch 1 day ago

Congratulations boys you have been doing amazing since day 1 2 days ago

Theres like 20 states suing the FCC thank god. But as of now Im scared that there will be a long fight ahead until we gain back our freedoms of #netneutrality #netneutrality 2 days ago

My phone is legit so full of pictures and videos S.O.S 3 days ago

In case net neutrality is passed tomorrow... I wanna say. I love all of you and having this page was some of the most fun Ive had and I never expected to grow this fast and Ive met so many AMAZING people and I love you. Ill miss you if this happens and I hope you never forget me because Ill never forget everything or any of you #netneutrality #netneutrality 3 days ago

Heres the winner ! I posted the 3 finalist who made me laugh but @alyssiafolkman10 her comment fucking had me rolling 3 days ago

I wrote this last night before bed Ahoping you all would have grown up a bit not talking about my followers I mean everyone who is looking for reasons to hate on harry but they havent so here 3 days ago

^ ex-fucking-ly. Most people are trying to act woke and like they know what theyre talking about and some people are even trying to bring up how Harry "doesnt advocate for BLM" which 1. Is in the past 2. He already fucking said and I quote "if you are black of you are white.. if you are gay" he loves us all. Move the hell. On. He is An amazing and well educated man. Goodnight. 4 days ago


@ashlondonlive @ash_london Yeah do us all a favor and quit. Youre irrelevant without talking about people with actual careers and actual talent. Thanks. 4 days ago

Thank you again for 2k! Im glad my page makes my fellow Larries/ Directioners happy ! - - - Tag friends! 5 days ago