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Ugh 1 hour ago

Idk how big they are let me measure them 😂 jk I’ve had them for a hot while 1 hour ago

Just lemons I swear 33 minutes ago

H hey uh ruby has something to say to you Ruby Dad...release the Infinity video 2 hours ago

Harry wearing Gucci 2 hours ago

Liam. 3 hours ago

They were over worked ofc they were gonna need red bulls to keep them awake...soz I’m having a sad 1D moment ha 3 hours ago

I don’t get paid to post things yet 😂 dont tell me what to post just go follow someone else 3 hours ago

I posted vegetables today unfollow me today please 3 hours ago

Lol 3 hours ago

Holy potato 4 hours ago

Someone translate idk 4 hours ago

Lmao idk 5 hours ago

Go follow someone else 5 hours ago