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-sexy reardon in da house [cr @introvertized [dt @editor80s our boy • • this character riv played was so different from the real him but he did an amazing job acting out this hard personality. love ya rio⭐️ • 1 week ago

[1970-1993] today is the day our baby left us. this world let him go when he shouldve couldve stayed. although none of us have met him his imagewordspictures will be with us. river I will forever love you. you have made my life so much better than it could be. I want to thank you from earth and everyone who has supported me from the start. have river in your hearts tonight. happy halloween3 • • [dt @editor80s @eixghties @wonderfuleighties @chicken.nugget_luvs_80s @eightiesedit • 2 weeks ago

I know this isnt just riv but wil is always welcome. [cr @retropetsch • • it doesnt even feel like halloween is tomorrow • 2 weeks ago

ive been so inactive im so sorry [cr ❊ • • also anyone who sends me dmsI havent been responding bc Ive been so busy. hopefully Ill be back full time soon. 3 • 3 weeks ago

caption " [dt @wonderfuleighties buddy • • this may sound beyond lamebut Im seeing IT tomorrow for the first time // Im hyped!1!1! • 1 month ago

-man of peace and love [cr @vxid.mp4 3 [dt @editor80s our boy • • guys I made a fack acc!1!1 its called @fack.lovers follow if youd like • 1 month ago

Im loving the new poll thingy. [cr drag80sedits [dt @chicken.nugget_luvs_80s • • a pretty boy with loads of talent and a full heart. a pure dedicated legend. • 1 month ago

mood literally always [dt @jackdgrazer bc baby • • anyone else watching mm&I? flipping jack a doodle • 1 month ago

Ive been supa lazy to post lately but here ya go. also I have a new obsession. jack and finn fack and it!1!1! [cr @aouria 3 [dt @wonderfuleighties 3 • • river is still my everything tho so dont panic. • 1 month ago

I want food right now whats new? [cr @vintgge love [dt @limitlesscorey ily • • would anyone be interested if I started making edits for them? request 3 • 1 month ago

silly boyyyy🥀 [dt @editor80s we 3 british chocolate • • I hate time zones • 1 month ago

I hear an angel talking [cr idk☼ [dt everyone☼ • • fixed my uglyy page up a bit hope it reaches it its potential • 2 months ago

hes the mannn🥀 [cr idk [dt @smiley__savage bc ily ♡ [found from @everything80s_90s • • dood british chocolate just became my new favorite thing. • #80s #riverphoenix #anightinthelifeofjimmyreardon #80s #riverphoenix #anightinthelifeofjimmyreardon 2 months ago

-river jude phoenix ❀ [dt @editor80s] • • rach Im so jealous you got to watch the movie. 🥀 • #80s #riverphoenix #80s #riverphoenix 2 months ago

never ending tears🥀 [creds to owner [dt @wonderfuleighties • • this audio is makes me wanna cry a river. ✨ • #80s #riverphoenix #80s #riverphoenix 2 months ago

awkward little boy 🥀 [dt @eixghties bsf [cr @phoeuix • • I had the mile today // • #80s #riverphoenix #80s #riverphoenix 2 months ago

a burrito sounds really good right now. dt @caoimheofarrell 3 • • I wAnT bLeChI woke up an hour earlier than I would usually for an ortho appt kms • #80s #riverphoenix #80s #riverphoenix 2 months ago

s typing ☼ [kings only] cr @eightiesaesthetics ay • • I got a sbm shirt finally. • #80s #riverphoenix #80s #riverphoenix 2 months ago

missing you riv. 🥀 dt @ycuarelovely ruv you • • new fav song somebody else-the 1975🌙 • #80s #riverphoenix #80s #riverphoenix 2 months ago