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Don’t ask for pictures bagbak I’m trippin’ / Big Fish Theory 2018 3 days ago

Really been missing California lately. Two more weeks until I’m back in LA 2 weeks ago

Sleepy boye does a heckin nap 1 month ago

Balloon boy 1 month ago

With all the places I went people I met and things I’ve done 2017 was definitely one for the books! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me! 2 months ago

Thalassophile n. a person who loves the sea oceans 2 months ago

Bah humbug 3 months ago

If you hating don’t shake my hand take it easy homie 3 months ago

Fear is fleeting 4 months ago

Spooky bois coming to trick your treats 4 months ago

Let me light up the sky 4 months ago

On Wednesdays we go spelunking 5 months ago

Take me back to the streets of New York 5 months ago

Up all night 5 months ago

Sedona is a pretty cool place to hang out 6 months ago

Stayin cool 😎 6 months ago

• Downtown Phoenix 8/22 • 6 months ago

Views like this make up for early mornings and long drives 7 months ago

Some days start better than others 7 months ago