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OCEAN CLEANUP Some of our fellow Seasiders have taken it upon themselves to make a effort towards cleaning up the trash that has been dumped in our oceans for quite some time now. Check out the link in our bio to see how you can contribute! Their featured item for sale is their blue stone wire wrapped ring that is handmade and only $15!! What are you doing to preserve this world? #Environment #DropInTheOcean #dropintheocean #environment 3 days ago

THANKS Can anyone believe that thanksgiving is already next week?! Man where has the time gone this semester? With the holiday coming up what is it that you’re thankful for? #ThankfulThursday #GiveThanks #givethanks #thankfulthursday 4 days ago

HAPPY TUESDAY Does anyone else feel like the days are going by faster now? It’s crazy to think that we only have 4 weeks left until the end of the semester!! Don’t stop grinding and power through the last few assignments that you have left until finals week 🤓📚📝 #TuesdayInspiration #CollegeIsHard #collegeishard #tuesdayinspiration 6 days ago

TUESDAY President Harold B. Lee once said “The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home”. What are you doing to help contribute to your home both future and present? Studying hard? Working on your own self-improvement both physically and spiritually? Remember that our actions cause a ripple effect and influence not only us but those that we love too. #TuesdayInspiration #Paradise #paradise #tuesdayinspiration 1 week ago

TOA SAMOA VS. MATE MA’A TONGA Before you tune in TONIGHT for the Rugby League World Cup against the beautiful islands of Samoa and Tonga be sure to stop by the Career Center and get yourself set up on Handshake! #tokouso #tokouso 2 weeks ago

A DAY IN THE LIFE Meet Noelani our communications specialist. When she’s not promoting our events or writing our newsletters she can be found roaming around campus with a bottle of lemonade #ADayInTheLife #LoveBYUH #lovebyuh #adayinthelife 2 weeks ago

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Enjoy the holiday everyone and remember to stay safe when going out tonight! REMINDER The Taiyo Pacific Partners LP is having an info session TOMORROW in HGB 275 at 8 pm for those interested in working and living in Japan! #HappyHalloween #Japan #japan #happyhalloween 2 weeks ago

HEADSHOTS Do you need a new profile pic for your LinkedIn Handshake or other networking accounts? Come book an appointment with our talented photographer @madelyn_m13 !! Just login to Handshake to get started Link in bio. #Handshake #Headshots #headshots #handshake 3 weeks ago

ALOHA FEATURE FRIDAY We’re starting something new here on our account. Submit a picture of your fun times at the beach for a chance to be featured on our page! You can submit your pictures through our twitter and Instagram accounts @acsbyuh or message us through our Facebook page @byuhacs. We’d love to get to know you guys! Congratulations to @madelyn_m13 For being the first one! Halloween is also just around the corner does anyone have any fun plans? Comment down below! 3 weeks ago

A DAY IN THE LIFE Meet Kalee our Communications and Events Specialist for the department. She lives life without limits and plans on graduating within the next two years. If you see her on campus don’t be afraid to say hi! #ADayInTheLife #SkyDiving #LoveBYUH #skydiving #lovebyuh #adayinthelife 3 weeks ago

HANDSHAKE DAY RECAP Thank you to everyone who came and said hi to us at our handshake booths last Friday! We as a team work hard to make sure you guys are able to be connected to big time employers post-graduation. Make sure to update your profile next time for a chance to win our handshake raffle!! #Handshake #HandshakeDay #LoveBYUH #lovebyuh #handshakeday #handshake 4 weeks ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Meet Noelani our communications specialist. When she’s not at work she can be found in the library attempting to study. If you see her today make sure to wish her a happy birthday! 🎉🎁 #HappyBirthday #happybirthday 1 month ago

HANDSHAKE DAY Come say hi to us at the handshake booth in front of the ballroom! We’ll be here until 1 PM. Come find out what we’re about and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have! #HandshakeDay #handshakeday 1 month ago

MARKET YOURSELF . “Fake it til you make it” “Be yourself” Is it possible to do both? Mark MacDonald is conducting a workshop on TUESDAY Oct. 24 at 7 pm in HGB 123. Come and learn how to market yourself and stand out from other applicants! Every Winter semester we have sponsors fund the annual Marketing week which features development seminars social activities and team competitions with great prizes! Hope to see you there! #Marketing #CareerServices #marketing #careerservices 1 month ago

A DAY IN THE LIFE Meet our Event Specialist Marianna. When she’s not planning the upcoming events for our department she likes to live life on the edge literally and do yoga poses to clear her head. #ADayInTheLife #LoveBYUH #lovebyuh #adayinthelife 1 month ago

MIDTERMS ARE HERE B.B. King once said “The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”. Even though we are battling the fatigue and stress it’s important to take a step back and realize how lucky we are to have the opportunity for a better education. Don’t study because you need to study because it enhances you. Good luck Seasiders. WE GOT THIS! #Midterms #TuesdayInspiration #midterms #tuesdayinspiration 1 month ago

HAPPY BOSS DAY Meet Mark head of the BYUH Alumni and Career Services department. You will never not see a smile on this guys face. Not only is he the head of the department he is also a loving husband and father of 4 children. If you see Mark today be sure to wave hello! #BossDay #LoveBYUH #lovebyuh #bossday 1 month ago

LIVE POST The Career Fair is happening RIGHT NOW in the Aloha Center until 1 PM!! Come now and meet your potential employers and take that next step towards your future!! #LivePost #CareerFair #livepost #careerfair 1 month ago

MIDTERMS ARE APPROACHING “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas A. Edison Midterms are coming up and we can just feel the stress in the air starting to come in waves once again. If only there was a way to fast forward to the part in life where we all have stable jobs and happy families or rewind back to when we were 5 without a care in the world. The only way to prepare for the future is to start now. Don’t forget about the Career Fair happening in the Aloha Center tomorrow from 10AM-1PM to get started on preparing for life after graduation. You only have one life here make sure it’s a happy one. #Midterms #CareerFair #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaywisdom #midterms #careerfair 1 month ago

CAREER FAIR Our Career Fair is happening THIS THURSDAY 10/12 from 10AM - 1PM in the Aloha Center! Come stop by to meet various employers and get your foot in the door towards the next step after graduation. Time passes quickly and it’ll be graduation before you know it! #CareerFair #byuhawaii #byuhawaii #careerfair 1 month ago