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2 hours ago

Stormed too hard to tailgate so we ended up here instead 1 week ago

Drinking wine at home is not the same as drinking it here 1 week ago

Loving these little corners of Ferndale 2 weeks ago

Whatchu know about charcuterie 2 weeks ago

Everything about today was perfect 2 weeks ago

Spent this fabulous Saturday wine tasting came home with 7 bottles. Oops 📸 by @marzey6 3 weeks ago

Bowie officially has a little sister! Blondie was found on the streets with an infected ovary among other injuries and having obviously recently given birth. Her puppies were not found. After spending almost a year in the shelter where her overwhelming cuteness & bouncy personality was somehow consistently overlooked this little thing has developed a taste for the good life in our home and we couldnt let her go. Im so happy to have our two little black pitties to come home to every day. They make my life better. 2.7 million animals are euthanized each year. Only 1/10 dogs born will find a forever home and for cats that number is in the decimals. These are heartbreaking statistics. You can do your part to help this by donating to one of Metro Detroits AMAZING shelters donating to a neuter/neuter program or by adopting an animal yourself! If you are ready #adoptdontshop #adoptdontshop 3 weeks ago

Drinking wine in the backyard and sweating our bootys off 3 weeks ago

Being embarrassing in Detroit with @wmachi2 4 weeks ago

Aint no party like a bacon party because a bacon party has DELICIOUSFATTYPORK 1 month ago

Blooming 1 month ago

Learning how to shop local & make beautiful healthy foods 1 month ago

Sangria on the couch on the most fabulous balcony dally in the alley style 1 month ago

Love creating these cozy little corners. Cant wait to really go to town on this bar cart 1 month ago

Dreaming of this magical place 1 month ago

A perfectly lovely LDW 1 month ago

Finally got my greedy hands on some frose 1 month ago

Saying a sad farewell to patio weather 1 month ago