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You know its texas when you have a Christmas photo shoot in a romper... 10 hours ago

OMG! Thanksgiving week!! WHATTT!!!! Im so thankful for you guys and all my lovely friends and family❤️❤️ pic creds- @hopemnixon make sure you watch my new Christmas slime ideas!! 16 hours ago

Watching stranger things FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH HOPE!! AHHH WISH ME LUCK❤️❤️❤️ @hopemnixon 1 day ago

ALERT!! A video on my channel today involving these adorbs slimes was supposed to come out but the uploading glitched! So it JUST posted a little late! Make sure to watch it!! Link in my Instagram story💁🏽💁🏽 2 days ago

Were going to a tree lighting in MARKET STREET! I feel so festive! Stay tuned for photos❤️😉 4 days ago

Im so sad Ill be re doing my bedroom for CHRISTMAS SEASON.. wait.. Im actually happy! I love my current bedroom but I cant wait to do it for Christmas! 6 days ago

TIME TO FILM GIRL TALK!-episode 2!! 1 week ago

Sorry I havent posted in a while! Ive been feeling really sick recently😢😢 THIS IS THE BEAN IN CHICAGO! 1 week ago

My face when I remember GIRL TALK COME OUT TOMORRRRRRRWWWWWWW!!! Whos having their friends over to watch the first episode?😘😘 2 weeks ago

New Starbucks order salted Carmel latte😍😍😍😍 #Starbucks #starbucks 2 weeks ago

Goodbye chicago😫 you have served me so so well!! ❤️ 2 weeks ago

GOODNIGHT!! Also AMAZING reminder me and @lily_kate_cole are starting GIRL TALK this Tuesday!! Whos ready? 2 weeks ago

Omg shes so cute! Make sure you follow Jessalyn and subscribe to her channel❤️😘 2 weeks ago

Ahh the Windy City☀️☀️ 2 weeks ago

Chicago is the most beautiful place!! Walking around tonight was a good way to end this amazing trip but beware for lots of photos😂😂 #itsatclaires #twinklealltheway #twinklealltheway #itsatclaires 2 weeks ago

Make sure you watch my video with BRIA!! We did a makeup challenge..😏😏 #watchit #annierose #youtuber #annierose #youtuber #watchit 2 weeks ago