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Travelling with your best friend is a Goal to many just like it was to me. Having the same experiences facing the same challenges witnessing the same moments creating the same memories! πŸ’• I FINALLY got to strike this off from my Bucket List! and nothing would have happened without you @muskan0103 😘 So here is a small glimpse of the countless memories we made and will forever cherish. πŸ”οΈπŸ’• LINK IS IN THE BIO 😍 4 hours ago

Happiest Birthday to the coolest person I met in Amity lol just kidding! Dil pe mat lena πŸ˜‚ Ok so because its your birthday I will actually be nice and tell you why your existence is of meaning to me. Here are 5 reasons why! 1. You are one person who has witnessed all my food disasters and most embarrassing moments from the first day of our friendship. That somehow gives me a liberty to feel at ease around you. πŸ˜‚ 2. You are one person whom I share so much in common with despite of being complete opposites. We can actually talk about so much! And great conversations are love. ❀️ 3. You are one person who actually despite of showing how carefree he is went out of his way to cheer me up when I needed it the most especially when I least expected. So ya little gestures mean alot. 😊 4. I am so glad to share my love for SRK with you! Every time our eyes look for each other as soon as he is mentioned in class is the best feeling ever! 😍 5. I am thankful for your existence because you are a gifted and talented photographer nature lover and an incredibly amazing human being.yeah I am actually complimenting you. Blush a little! 😝 So on your birthday I wish you everything wonderful and meaningful. May each experience you have along the way make you explore life in more deeper sense. Also I hope that coming years you actually get to celebrate your birthday each year in a different country doing something you have never done before. πŸ€— PS this is my favorite picture of yours! Love Shubhangi Sharma The Great! ❀️ ________________________________________ #happybirthday #specialvibes #travelphotographer #talented #mymain #friendstokeep #friendtotheend #goodvibesonly #positivevibes #sendinglove #morepowertoyou #srkislife #srkfans #mymain #sendinglove #happybirthday #positivevibes #friendtotheend #morepowertoyou #srkfans #specialvibes #talented #goodvibesonly #srkislife #travelphotographer #friendstokeep 1 day ago

To the trip worth being remembered. To the beauty worth being cherished. To the moments worth being recalled. To the nights worth being treasured. ❀️ 1 week ago

#trekdiaries Some days are more chaotic than others when the world around you is moving and you seem to be stuck unable to move ahead. I experience a state of worthless alot more than people think. My words that always seem to be founded upon positivity actually rest on chaos and experience. Its easy to spread smile on others faces and give them hope when you feel insecure because I believe its like a cycle. The energy you radiate comes back to you. So if you feel pain radiate love. If you feel despair radiate hope. And when you feel negativity try and radiate positivity. So thats what I am doing right now. As I feel aimless as to what I am doing in life and where I am headed. I give you some hope that still rests in the corners of my chaotic mind. If you feel the same worthlessness Know that it will be fine. You will find the light. Slowly Eventually. - Shubhangi ❀️ #trekdiaries 1 week ago

#trekdiaries I went up there looking for answers. Answers to questions that had been making me restless for long. We all have certain questions in our minds questions we constantly try to find answers for puzzles we try to solve. And this becomes an exhausting process overtime when all you see around is uncertainty and more chaos. Thats what I had been going through. For a couple of months. Chaos. And eventually I knew that I am going to climb that god damn peak and ask my God for the answers that I desperately need. Was I doing the right thing in life? Was I keeping the people i love happy? Was I making the most of what I have Right now? Was I running after something that was useless? Do I have to make it big? Do I have to compromise on what I believe in? Battles with yourself are the worst because they are never ending. But eventually you find the opening to the tunnel. Eventually the light enters. I found mine here. I found my answers here. - Shubhangi ❀️ Thanks @sid.18.18 for adding more life to this picture πŸ’• #trekdiaries 2 weeks ago

Because mountains and maggie are the most romantic combination❀️ #trek #trekdiaries #maggie #mountainslove #theview #romantic #beauty #naturephotography #naturelove #triptoremember #photosofinstagram #photographersofinstagram #triund #himachal #fromthetop #worththeclimb #dreamer #explorer #hope #foodforsoul #foodmakesmehappy #foodporn #foodgasm #triund #dreamer #foodporn #beauty #photosofinstagram #naturelove #himachal #fromthetop #romantic #foodmakesmehappy #mountainslove #theview #naturephotography #maggie #trekdiaries #explorer #photographersofinstagram #triptoremember #hope #foodforsoul #trek #worththeclimb #foodgasm 2 weeks ago

#trekdiaries I have been conscious whenever I wore sleeveless whenever I went out without makeup or whenever I decided to be myself. Thats how we are are taught and moulded to be. To be scared of being the flawed beautiful people that we are when the entire world around us is running after fake perfection. This trek changed me in ways I never thought it would. Each journey has so much to teach you and this journey taught me something about me. I trekked through the scorching heat flaunting off my chubby arms and make-up free face. And I felt happy I felt confident even when people who saw me as nothing but a joke mocked me for my weight how I looked or how much time I took to reach the top. Amidst all these taunts and not so funny jokes I realized how we each see ourselves in certain light and when someone dares to break our illusion of what we think is beautiful we pull them down by making comments on them by trying to break their confidence. And this trek gave me the confidence to NOT GIVE A DAMN ! To focus on the reason why I was putting my body through all that pain just to reach on top. To make it all worth. To value my existence and appreciate it slowly. - Shubhangi ❀️ #trekdiaries 2 weeks ago

#trekdiaries Change is a constant process. You tend to change as a person with each choice you make and each mistake you commit. You change into something better or something worse. No one other than you gets to decide whether the decisions you make and the transformation you go through is right or wrong because in the end no one knows the whole story than you yourself. So let me ask you are you proud of the choices you are making? Are you happy with the life you have right now? Do you find meaning in the scars you got? Or are you too tired to think about all of this right now? If you dont have an answer to all these questions then now is the time to search for them. Change is the only constant. Try changing into the best version of yourself. - Shubhangi ❀️ Thanks @sid.18.18 for the beautiful editing 😘 #trekdiaries 2 weeks ago

#trekdiaries For the first time in my life I travelled on my own. For the first time there was no body to completely rely on while I wandered carefree. Exploring through mcloedganj and trekking triund meeting amazing people and challenging my body to make it all count in the end. I did it all with none other than my best friend by my side. @muskan0103 . Yes! We did it. #bffgoals ! #bestfriendtravelgoals ! #girlstrip ! We finally did it. ❀️ And what I realized is that when they say "Friends who travel together stick together!" They truly mean it. Bearing with me throughout the trip not giving up on me despite of my slow speed and my constant lame jokes sessions! You have been the best company I could ask for! ❀️ I love you! @sid.18.18 thank you so freaking much for the beautiful editing. ❀️ #bffgoals #trekdiaries #girlstrip #bestfriendtravelgoals 2 weeks ago

#trekdiaries I went there looking for answers. Answers that I already knew somewhere in my heart. But going there did the job it made me connect to that part and find my way back to myself. - Shubhangi ❀️ #trekdiaries 2 weeks ago

#trekdiaries The night before Its one of those nights when you have conversations with yourself. In a bus where everyone is sleeping you end up discovering yourself a little more after every turn it takes following the street lights. You stare out of the window sleepy yet wide awake realizing what it means when reality is better than your dreams. The moon big and magnificent most times the only light around seems to be calling out for the wolf in you. Asking you to break free again and be your true self. And slowly as you are on the journey of your life your overthinking mind is calm and chaos is asleep. - Shubhangi ❀️ Thanks love @muskan0103 for this picture ❀️😘😍 #trekdiaries 3 weeks ago

Seeing you SING again for the world gives me so much of happiness right now. 4 years back I fell in love with this very voice and it still is the most beautiful sound that I am blessed to hear each day. ❀️ All those reading this Rohit my all time favorite singer has finally set up his Youtube channel to share with you his music. Check out his 1st cover of the song #bulleya from the movie #Sultan and give it a thumbs up if you like it❀️ LINK IS IN THE BIO 😍 Show your love and support. #bulleya #sultan 4 weeks ago

Beauty is in little things around us. Things that otherwise seem ordinary and monotonous. This picture by @t.u.s.h.a.r_s.h.a.r.m.a touches my heart because these cemeted blocks of plaster and bricks are not the most pleasant things one would want to see as the first thing in the morning. But here comes the vision and perception. The WILL to see beauty and capture it at its best. The same blocks of plaster look mesmerizing under the magnificent sky that welcomes the breaking of dawn offering a new day. The concrete roads appear more meaningful as to be guiding you through the chaos of the new today. Vision and perception are a beautiful and powerful things. It truly is surprising how we all look at same things differently and see in them what others might not see. Life is like that in a nutshell the view we all get but only few can relish it and make the most of it. ❀️ - Shubhangi 1 month ago

Thank you for being one of the most wonderful people I have come across! Thank you for helping me see meaning in my life. Knowing you has been a blessing and yesterday hearing you at #TEDx was such an overwhelming experience. You did justice to that stage. You are a beautiful and incredibly amazing woman who has inspired me along with countless others. And having gotten a chance to know you personally is like the biggest sign from GOD. More than I thought I ever deserved. Thank you for a soulful week where every meeting with you has been exceptionally inspiring and meaningful. People like you stand apart from the crowd because of their positivity and goodness. Thank you for existing. πŸ€— Also a big thank you to @shivani.dahiya for giving me this chance to add more wonderful people in my life.❀️ #tedx 1 month ago

And if you can see meaning in most chaotic of things light in most darkest of nights. If you can hold on to hope in most desperate of times and smile even when your heart is full of cries. If you can believe in most doubtful of times and help others when loneliness clowds your mind. Then only then have you understood LIFE. - Shubhangi 1 month ago

Let me share with you things that I have learnt in life. Things I learnt after numerous falls. Things I wished I knew before. * Even in your darkest of times most difficult of challenges and most lonely of nights no one except you yourself will be by your side 100% * People treat you the way you allow them too. If you dont love yourself and respect yourself no one else will do so either. * Its never too late to work on yourself. Its never to late to heal and try to become a better version of yourself. *In life you dont need anything else but a purpose. A purpose that can drive you to make tough decisions and challenge your extremes. It will give your life more meaning. * Where there is love nothing is too much trouble and there is always time. So value people who love you love them well because life is too short. - Shubhangi 1 month ago

I know what it feels to be aimless when the whole world around you seems to have picked up pace. That moment when you feel that all your life is stuck in some kind of void and all you see around you is darkness. I know that no person can truly make an impact if you have in your mind decided that there is too much chaos. But maybe as you browse through the posts in vague attempt maybe just maybe you land here and maybe the words that I am going to say next make a small difference. βˆ† Let me start by telling you that "Its NORMAL" and that every human in their life feels such despair at least once. So dont get scared. βˆ† The next thing is I know that you will make it through. Maybe slowly and with lots of patience and over thinking but I know you will. So dont lose hope. βˆ† Its ok to not have a plan for the future. Just make your Today count. Do things that make you happy do things you have been scared to do. For a second forget that it will all fail. You have lesser chance of failing if you TRY and more if you dont. βˆ† You are your own competition. No matter how successful your rival from school is or your friend from college is. Know that you are different you have different battles different dreams and ultimately different lives. βˆ† The last thing is Believe that you will find a way. Because until you believe no change can really happen. - Shubhangi 1 month ago

Never did I think that doing "UNSEEN HEROES" would give me a chance to meet such wonderful people who would change the way I look at life. I feel blessed to have had a conversation with a woman so strong and with so much courage fighting the battle against Breast Cancer and spreading so much love. To watch her story LINK IS IN THE BIO ❀️ 1 month ago

And I am in my happy place right now. Despite of struggling with constant reminder of how I need to fit a certain type I feel happy to have grown to love myself for all that I am. This picture is beautiful! And if I were the same girl that I was a year back I wouldnt have posted it thinking that how my arms look fat or my body looks wide or maybe my face could have been more slimmer and pimple free. But the reason why this picture is beautiful is because I am happy. @sid.18.18 captured me in his smiling - happy satisfied and in love with myself. Happy because I know that I have the most amazing people in my life there for me. Satisfied because I know i am trying to make some positive changes in my life. And in love because I realized how blessed I am with a fully functional body and that i need to take care of it in all ways- physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. ❀️ This picture is therefore one of my personal favorites. Because what matters is how positively you accept your flaws and work slowly and steadily to improve and become better. - Love Shubhangi 1 month ago

One of the reasons why I actually love #amityuniversity is the amazing juniors it had given me. ❀️ Reeni you are one adorable person who always makes me smile. Stay amazing lil one.😘 #amityuniversity 1 month ago