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Looking to see if food was in the back.......not talking about free either.... 16 hours ago

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

A lie.....who never saw my film 2015 and want to watch it DM for details 2 days ago

2 hours ago

Looks like a movie scene right ? 4 days ago

Where when and how 5 days ago

2 hours ago

Evidence that i can grow and plat my matter how shine it looks now 1 week ago

Well said 1 week ago

Please share and support 1 week ago

I AM. 2 weeks ago

Attention all wind screen wipers 2 weeks ago

I told them I was rich 2 weeks ago

You have 14 days to convince me not to 2 weeks ago

Art. 3 weeks ago you think the human race gana survive if man dont look woman.....u can unfollow now 4 weeks ago

.....Even some deposits arent worth it. 4 weeks ago

You coming or not ? @palacemovies we need more affordable food telling you for a friend 1 month ago