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when his hair was purple 7 hours ago

goodnight loves 19 hours ago

im so inactive sarry 1 day ago

happy birthday jaxoooo 1 day ago

HES SO BEAUTIFUL wth 2 days ago

i’m so exhausted but this weekend was so much fun tho 2 days ago

do you all think he will attend the amas or not? 3 days ago

OH 3 days ago

BABES 3 days ago

won’t be very active but lol who would even care my page is dead 5 days ago

what do you think is the most beautiful thing about yourself? 6 days ago

this is my fav phase🔥 6 days ago

jesus 6 days ago

hot tho @justinbieber 6 days ago

heart eyes @justinbieber 1 week ago

i’m such a traveller i love visiting other countries 1 week ago

his hair was so on point back then 1 week ago

i love you @justinbieber 1 week ago

in honor of the two year anniversary on the release of the Purpose album aka a masterpiece🤧 @justinbieber 1 week ago

i fucking hate award shows and i understand why justin does too. it’s so annoying how they give an other artist no hate they deserve it too an award for something that was supposed to go to the other artist but they give it to the one who actually shows up.. how fucking authentic. bye 1 week ago