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How Yuh Mean... 💯🇯🇲🔥@daneraymusic. This Jamaican on fiyah!!! We got a track out together people! ‘BestFriend Remix’ Go get that too‼️ w the homies @obi_fit & @kiana_kosari 5 days ago

Respect The Culture w @karlkani the OG #IssaGThang #issagthang 1 week ago

Piece of cake 💁🏻☺️😅💪@stragglife_jw4 💛 @thats.myguy f the commentary lol 2 weeks ago

Thanks f the Yellow Durag @stragglifedougie ☀️ Aussie gyal fuxx w it⚡️ 2 weeks ago

Say less. 3 weeks ago

Nothing but flames from @agentsasco 🔥🔥 #ComeForMe link in bio! Keep sharing & tagging me 😘 The vibe is heavyy #Jamaica #Gang #Tough @grunggaadzilla @raddyrich @rodneybuju @chriss_choreo @nieka_og @tishblanca @kqueensang @the_truth876 @drunkenmonk_ja @iampeets #tough #gang #jamaica #comeforme 3 weeks ago

I was a big fan of @daneraymusic chune Best Friend before I was blessed to jump on the Remix 🙏 This record so fiyah it stay on all my playlists!! Go get ‘🔥Best Friend Remix’ ft. @elesiaiimura 🔥 its Available everywhere now!! @tropicelectric @palmtreeflowrecords #Morelife #Moreblessings #CulutreWaves 🌊 #bestfriendremix #morelife #culutrewaves #moreblessings #bestfriendremix 3 weeks ago

Everyone needs time out. Hope yall are enjoying this fine Sunday! #Coolin #thuglife 🤓💦🌴 #thuglife #coolin 3 weeks ago

Do What You Want Afrobeat Remix out now everywhere‼️ @timomaticmusic ft. @projectpeters @elesiaiimura #DWYWAfrobeat FOR THE CULTURE 🇳🇬🌊🇯🇵🌊🇦🇺🌊 #dwywafrobeat 4 weeks ago

Get on fb live with us tomorrow night 6pm AEST!!#DWYWAFRO REMIX ⚡️🔌 @timomaticmusic @projectpeters @elesiaiimura #dwywafro 1 month ago

Brooklyn tings @karlkani 1 month ago

Respect ❤️@karlkani 📸 @thats.myguy #ForTheCulture #fortheculture 1 month ago

All of the sauce... 💦💦💦Remix Alert‼️ Do what you want Afro Beat @timomaticmusic X @projectpeters X @elesiaiimura OUT NOW‼️#DWYWAfrobeat 🇳🇬🔥 #dwywafrobeat 1 month ago

Celebrating Naija Independence Day the homie @timomaticmusic just dropped one for the culture ft. @projectpeters & @elesiaiimura 🇳🇬#DWYWAfrobeat Remix video is out NOW‼️Go catch that wave 🌊💦🌊 // 🔫 @hafiy_f #dwywafrobeat 1 month ago

Connecting w people & culture gives me life ✨... It has made me who I am today. I love this here moment in Brooklyn - those who know me know how I adore children! 💞ONE 1 month ago

New new 🔊@elesiaiimura X @timomaticmusic Summer vibes always! 🏄🏻‍♀️🌊☀️🌴😊 #ForTheCulture 🇳🇬🎌🇦🇺 #fortheculture 1 month ago

That half Japanese 🐉 2 months ago

💥🔫 @thirdeyeraz 2 months ago