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Images by natgeo

Video by @paulnicklen // The sharks and the big fish are the first animals to disappear when a reef ecosystem is under stress. We have just spent an incredibly uplifting week in Cuba’s Gardens Of The Queen National Marine Park where sharks accompanied us on every dive. I was fascinated by how they followed us from the depth of the reef back to our boat. I never imagined that I would be so comfortable in the company of so many curious sharks. It was a carousel of grace and beauty and one I will never tire of witnessing. #followme on @paulnicklen to see my favorite moment with a shark from this dive. #turningthetide with @sea_legacy. With @cristinamittermeier @samkretch @andy_mann @mdalio and @iankellett_story // #nature #naturelovers #explore #protect #oceans #love #beauty #protect #naturelovers #oceans #nature #explore #followme #beauty #love #turningthetide 30 minutes ago

Video @ladzinski / Autumn in the #rockyMountains is one of the most fleeting times of year. The weather changes hard and fast and it’s a time where wildlife is busy bulking up for the long winter ahead. Here is a collection of clips throughout the #ado high country. #ado #rockymountains 54 minutes ago

Photo @lucalocatelliphoto CERN and the artisans of the Universe is a project Ive done about this incredible place the CERN. What is the universe made of? How did it start? Physicists at CERN are seeking answers using some of the worlds most powerful particle accelerators and reading results with such huge detector. I was lucky to photograph the last maintenance work in ​the 100 meters underground tunnels where the experiments are like the Compact Muon Solenoid CMS a general-purpose detector at the Large Hadron Collider LHC​ in the photo. Follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to see more about my stories #science #future #futurology #detector #future #technology #science #futurology #future #technology #detector #science 2 hours ago

Video by @BertieGregory. An octopus on the hunt at night in the northern Red Sea Egypt. Here the octopus is net feeding where it spooks fish into little caves before ballooning with its 8 tentacles blocking all exits. Predators like this octopus are crucial to the functionality of coral reefs as they keep the number of grazing animals in check. If octopus are overfished and removed the reef the number of grazers increases and the reef as a whole suffers. Long story short ecosystems need predators. When you look after the predators you look after everything underneath. Follow @BertieGregory for more wildlife adventures! 2 hours ago

Photographer @thomaspeschak documenting giant tortoises for @natgeo and @sif_seychelles on remote Aldabra Atoll. Here temperatures are so hot that if these tortoises are not beneath a shade tree or deep in a cool coral cave at midday they cook to death in their shells. Only around 4pm do the tortoises pile out one by one to graze in the cool of the evening. It took nearly 2 hours for all of the tortoises to leave this cave. Video and time lapse footage shot by my assistant @ottowhitehead Follow him for more behind scenes videos 3 hours ago

Photo by @mmuheisen Muhammed Muheisen A group of refugees from Afghanistan including unaccompanied minors sleep on the ground outside an old train carriage where they took refuge in Belgrade Serbia. According to UNICEF 3200 refugees in Serbia are children and one in three of them are unaccompanied. For more photos of the refugee crisis follow @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen #muhammedmuheisen #everydayrefugees 5 hours ago

Photo by @renaeffendiphoto When I came to Khinaliq Azerbaijans highest inhabited village a shepherd and the town’s elder I met took me to the village cemetery. He said pointing down the hill “If you dig a hole right through you will see seven layers of burial ground”. Archeological evidence suggests that Khinaliq was inhabited four millennia ago and dates back to pre-Zoroastrian times. This village of nearly 1000 shepherd families is built into the side of a mountain each house made of river stone one upon the other forming a staircase to the sky. Because of its remoteness Khinaliq still managed to preserve its ancient way of life. The people speak Khinaluq a unique endangered dialect attributed to the northeastern group of the Caucasus languages. The source of income is mainly sheep breeding. While men graze their flocks in mountain pastures the women weave traditional carpet designs from wool. For more human interest stories follow me here @renaeffendiphoto #village #history #heritage #culture #azerbaijan #mountains #nature #landscape @natgeocreative #heritage #village #mountains #azerbaijan #history #nature #landscape #culture 8 hours ago

Photograph by Michael Yamashita @yamashitaphoto - Muztagata literally “ice mountain father” on the northern edge of the Pamir Plateau in Xinjiang province. So named for the 12 glaciers that ring it’s 7509 meter summit. The mountain plays hide and seek behind fast moving clouds that hide and reveal. This photograph taken from the Karakoram Highway side heading to Taxkorgan western most town in China close by the Afghanistan border. @thesilkroadjourney #korakoram #mysilkroad2017 #pamir #xinjiang #china #glacier #mountain @natgeocreative #china #xinjiang #glacier #pamir #korakoram #mysilkroad2017 #mountain 10 hours ago

Photo @Ladzinski / Sunsets on lonely highways the solitude of such wide open places is in a category all of its own. 13 hours ago

Photo by @stephenwilkes. Walking the back roads in Italy at sunrise is a magical experience often greeted by beautiful light.  The feeling one gets in Tuscany when the early morning light touches the landscape often brings back memories and creates new ones.  To see more of my work follow me @stephenwilkes. #italy #sunrise #tuscany #light  #memories #landscape #sunrise #landscape #light #tuscany #memories #italy 16 hours ago

Photo by @williamalbertallard In the lovely but small French Basque town of Sare there was a weekend festival in the fall of 1967. These three men were standing in a doorway listening to a Basque poet. I was standing a bit below them which allowed me to them with just some ceiling beams above them but the base of the picture is dark with their coats and it’s their ancient appearing faces that stand out faces that are seemingly ageless all three intent upon what the poet is saying to them. Basque is an impossible language so I of course had no idea what so ever the poet was saying. But I was completely caught up in these three mens’ faces. And I still am. #followme @williamalbertallard for more images from the Basque Country and other assignments over five decades. #basquecountry #basque #poetry #poet #streetphotography #leica #filmphotography #kodachrome #williamalbertallard #leica #filmphotography #williamalbertallard #poet #streetphotography #basque #followme #poetry #basquecountry #kodachrome 18 hours ago

Video @michaelchristopherbrown. Men dance in competition during the 2017 Oglala Lakota Nation Wacipi Rodeo Fair Pow Wow held annually on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I spent part of this summer photographing over a dozen Indian reservations in the American West searching to photograph the beauty and complexities of these communities and lands the symbols of both tribal success as well as issues perennially facing the tribes. I grew up near several reservations in Washington State though knew very little about them a common experience for many Americans. During this trip I was struck by the indigenous stewardship to the land from the elders to the seventh generation water protectors of taking responsibility for what we are taking out of and putting into the earth actively keeping track of it as a community and actively fighting for it. This stewardship goes back thousands of years an egalitarian society where individual wealth was measured not by what was saved but by what was given away. 20 hours ago

Images by @joelsartore For thousands of creatures living on Earth time is running out. That’s why the National Geographic Society has partnered with the Zoological Society of London to launch the Photo Ark EDGE Fellowship. The fellowship focuses on Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered EDGE species and kicks off with these five unique creatures the Antillean manatee photographed at the @Dallas_World_Aquarium Baird’s tapir photographed at @theomahazoo the giant anteater photographed at the Caldwell Zoo the hawksbill turtle photographed in Xcaret Mexico and the volcano rabbit photographed at the Chapultepec Zoo. These species are the subject of conservation efforts by our first fellowship candidates in Latin America. Each species has been featured in the National Geographic Photo Ark a flagship program of the National Geographic Society founded by National Geographic photographer @JoelSartore. Once selected the final Photo Ark EDGE fellows will undertake a 2-year fellowship project to help protect their focal species. The fellowships will leverage the power of Sartore’s captivating portraits to bring attention to the global extinction crisis and will help put effective tools in the hands of conservationists working to turn the tide for species at risk. Learn more about these species and the people working to save them by clicking the link @joelsartore’s bio. #PhotoArk #photoark 22 hours ago

Photograph by @michaelnicknichols Jane Goodall and Jou Jou chimpanzee at Brazzaville Zoo Republic of Congo 1990. I @michaelnicknichols grew up with Jane Goodall Flo Flint and Greybeard on the pages of National Geographic magazine in the 1960’s and wildly came to photograph Fifi Frodo Freud and Jane in the 1990’s. Jane and I collaborated on the book Brutal Kinship bringing to light the disappearing terrain chimpanzees relied on to live and how we humans cruelly and without irony used our closest relative as stand-in surrogates for space exploration HIV and hepatitis research language studies and entertainment. - Jane 83 is still at it traveling nonstop on her mission. She recently closed my exhibit WILD at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a talk that brought me and the entire house to tears. - Opening in theaters today is a masterpiece film by Brett Morgen. #JANE is an intense love story made from footage literally found in the NatGeo HQ basement from legendary Dutch filmmaker Hugo van Lawick and includes a beautiful score by ‪Philip Glass‬. This is far more revealing than any huge budget biopic could ever hope to match. #JANE #jane 23 hours ago

Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto /// Three young Maasai photographed along the street A104 between Arusha and the Tarangire National Park. Traditional Maasai lifestyle centers around their cattle which constitute their primary source of food. Every morning the children are in charge of bringing the cattles outside of the village and then to bring them back inside before the sunset #tanzania #africa #maasai #children #cuttle #tradition #tarangire #arusha #africa #cuttle #tradition #maasai #tanzania #children #tarangire #arusha 1 day ago

Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid having a chat with the local wildlife in this case a baboon at Mpala research centre northern Kenya - Mpala lies beneath the shadow of Mt Kenya in the heart of central Kenya’s Laikipia County it is strongly committed to using research to benefit the surrounding communities the nation of Kenya and global conservation efforts as a whole. It hosts multiple educational outreach programs in order to tackle issues of human-wildlife conflict and thus ensure that both conservation and human livelihood goals are met. I’m delighted to be working with Mpala and will be bringing stories from here to the outside world over the next months. To see more from Mpala follow me here @chancellordavid and @natgeo and Mpala @mpalalive #fightingextinction #conservation #everydayextinction #africa #Kenya #wildlife #conserving #conservation #stoppoaching #endextinction #elephant #ivory #rhino #northernkenya #Kenya #africa #conservation #endextinction #conserving #stoppoaching #africa #elephant #ivory #rhino #wildlife #northernkenya #kenya #everydayextinction #fightingextinction 1 day ago

Photo by @paleyphoto Matthieu Paley. Yoga with goats who would have thought? Some participants say they experience a calming effect the "goat factor” acting as a psychological help driving the attention away from trying to perfect that pose... Here at the Mountain Flower Dairy Farm in Boulder ado USA a practitioner gets into Savasana pose at the end of her class. And yes it took place in the goat pen. Reducing stress level is a major factor in bringing a higher level of happiness in one’s life - there are many receipes to feeling happy some are external to your life some you can control. See a story on Happiness worldwide coming out this month in @natgeo and follow me on @paleyphoto as I explore this topic on my Instagram feed. @natgeocreative #yoga #happiness #boulder #boulder #happiness #yoga 1 day ago

Go beyond her work into her world. JANE a film about Dr. Jane Goodall is in theaters now. Head to to find a screening near you. #JANE #jane 1 day ago

Photo by @ciriljazbec / Earlier this year I did my fifth trip to Greenland a place on the Earth that never ceases to amaze me. This time I travelled to Qaanaaq and Siorapaluk the world’s northernmost settlements to investigate how climate change has affected the lives of indigenous people the community of around 700 Inughuits which in spite of several alarming climate and cultural threats persists with the traditional age-old way of hunting. These people are on the frontier of the climate change that is eventually going to affect us all. On the picture you can see Qaanaaq and a frozen fjord in the back. Have a look at more work from this trip @ciriljazbec #Arctic #Greenland #climatechange @natgeo #greenland #climatechange #arctic 1 day ago

Photographer @thomaspeschak on assignment for @natgeo shooting blacktip reef sharks in the near pristine waters of Aldabra Atoll #seychelles. "Hanging out with these sharks of the shallows is still one of my all-time favorite wildlife encounters. They are so inquisitive and curious. Video shot by my fantastic assistant Otto. Please follow him @ottowhitehead for more behind the scenes videos." #seychelles 1 day ago