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Images by gnomechomskie

I’m currently sitting in an underground wooden cabin the foundation and walls supported by the ancient roots from ado’s oldest tree the Bristlecone pine. My druid guide Talieson said to be a direct descendant of the Arthurian lineage carefully roasts freshly picked fly agaric mushrooms over an open flame in an antique cast iron stove. Talieson has a lean sinewy build sun drenched complexion and an ever present grin. He has a sharp wit and a relaxed demeanor. A gregarious and easy going personality balanced with a reverence and underlying seriousness with regards to his work. As Talieson finishes roasting the mushrooms he begins to carefully prepare them with a concoction of local herbs and honey. He tells me he will need some privacy in order to bless the mystical brew and asks me to step outside momentarily. The sun is just setting as an uncommon fog dances across the high peaks and between the towering conifers. I marvel at the delicate moss covering Talieson’s roof as a blue jay whistles and dances in the branches above. Moments later the brew is ready. The taste surprisingly mellow with a delicate earthy undertone. I sit back as Talieson reminisces about his many tales and adventures amidst this formidable landscape. I remember remarking that I wasn’t feeling any effect and perhaps needed a more potent dose when things suddenly begin to shift. The wood grain of the cabin walls begins to dance and twirl a thick knot coming to life as shapes take form. The silhouettes of moose bears beavers and more swirling in and out of focus. Suddenly a great fire a village under siege men in capes on horseback turmoil cries of savagery then I am floating in emptiness. In the distance a small flicker appears. I move towards it or it towards me. A shadow materializes a commanding figure bellows through a long white beard deep rose cheeks. I can’t see him clearly as he stands just beyond the visibility of a small trickling fire. I ask him who he is but get no answer. He tells me there is a cavern where the valleys coalesce and the eagle falls. There I will find the answer. What does he mean who is he? 1 month ago

Here we have the amanita muscaria commonly known as the fly agaric mushroom found throughout the high mountain forests and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. A classic symbol of traditional gnomon life these mushrooms were revered for their many uses but especially for their ingestion in shamanic rituals. Legend has it Baulkswood held them in particularly high esteem participating in numerous vision quests with nomadic druids. In an effort to better understand this ancient ceremony I have located a local druid who still practices the fly agaric ritual and will be consuming this mystical fungi in the very same method and area Baulkswood allegedly did so countless centuries ago. #gnome #amanitamuscaria 1 month ago

Following the trail of Baulkswood. A great gnome king whose legendary tale was passed down for centuries through elven folk lore. Most say Baulkswood was nothing more than the machinations of wives tales and children’s fables. Perhaps so perhaps not. Join me Gnome Chomskie as I seek to uncover the truth behind the ubiquitous and legendary figure Gnome Baulkswood visiting the ancient ruins said to be home to the king and his many adventures. Journeying through ancient s and interweaving them amidst the formidable peaks and old grove forests of the ado Rockies. #gnomehome 1 month ago