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Images by grand.arc.nancy

I looovveee her and her brows 😁 This mother is kind and beautiful! She already had a decent amoutn of brows and just wanted to fill in the gap and make it fluffier. Spurce front with a thicker middle and back to give it the gradient and full look. 💕💕 #semipermanentmakeup #browgame #browartist #microblading #browaddict #micropigmentation #grandarcstudio #permanentmakeup #pmu #browgoals #browsonpoint #eyebrows #beautifulbrows #fluffybrows #brows #phibrows #browshaping #browstudio #browbar #browsonfleek #perfectbrows #phibrowsartist 10 hours ago

Those baby blues are so captivating! I knew I must give this beauty brows that will her eyes perfectly! 💕☺️ 2 days ago

More fluffy natural brows! I love this transformation! 😍😍 3 days ago

My first attempt at a practice video. 😬 Classic stagger strokes. 💕 using 12 Curved Flat Blade at 0.2mm diameter 5 days ago

Her features are simply gorgeous!Those thin brows suits her perfectly 👌🏻 6 days ago

Correction and blending - classic strokes. This stunning girl has very curly hair on her brows. It was super important that my strokes blended in by following natural flow of her hair. This allow it to look like she was born with the brows 💕 1 week ago

When I work I always make my clients eyes as the focal point. I feel that it’s my duty to design something that will bring attention to those gems. What a beautiful girl with beautiful blue eyes 😍 1 week ago

This is definitely one of my fav. When we talk about perfect brows that s the eyes we are referring to fluffy natural full brows like these 💕 1 week ago

I believe in learning from the best so I was very picky in selecting my academy and my masters. And the best is coming to Vancouver! A few of you have already asked me about my training it’s your chance to be mentored by the best in the world in person and a chance to become a Phibrows Artist. ・・・#repost @phibrows_megy See us again in Canada / Toronto /Vancouver. Few spots left. Dont miss the oportunity to learn from the best Grand masters @vesna.jugovic & @phibrows_megy #loveher #phiacademy #microblading #repost #master #phibrows #boldbrows #vancouver #grandmaster #academy #education #phicanada #bestartist #training #phibrowsartist 1 week ago

Brows have a Goldilocks zone they shouldn’t be too dominating or paper thin they should be just right. 1 week ago

Microblading became popular because of how natural it looks like you were born with it. Nature is the greatest Master of all and we are simply trying our best to mimic. Today I’m proud to feature another natural brow transformation 💕 hope you guys like it! 2 weeks ago

We are goofy people who are very serious about brows 😁🙃 swipe —- to see @grand.arc.jen try Kung fu on me 🤣🤣 2 weeks ago

Pretty pretty pretty brows 😁 I am so in love with these! 💕 The other angles #beforeandafter #beforeandafter 2 weeks ago

This girl is sooo beautiful and with full fluffy brows it really and make her eyes stand out. #boldbrows #boldbrows 2 weeks ago

#Repost @branko_babic_phiacademy ・・・ World Cancer Day is a global observance held on February 4th each year that helps raise people’s awareness of cancer and how to prevent detect or treat it. Just as cancer affects everyone in different ways all people have the power to take various actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on individuals families and communities. PhiAcademy gives to its artists a “Pay with smile“ logo which they can attach to photos of their work for clients who have lost their eyebrows due to illness such as cancer... It is a service which artists do for free as a way of giving back while the clients in return pay with their smile! Today you have a chance to reflect on what you can do and take action! Make a difference to the fight against cancer. #awarenessday #cancerfight #cancerawareness #anticancer #anticancerday #Healthcare #healthiness #awarenessmonth #youcanbeatit #benoble #paywithsmile #humanity #youcanbeatit #anticancer #healthiness #awarenessday #paywithsmile #repost #cancerawareness #healthcare #benoble #anticancerday #awarenessmonth #cancerfight #humanity 2 weeks ago

Practice sessions Classic vs bold. Both has spine shading to give it depth. 💕 Which one is more your style? #practicemakesperfect #practicemakesperfect 2 weeks ago