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Ready to make another mess! Twisted my 10 year olds arm and got him to help me! 😁 Now time to make more sawdust! . . #handkraftedbyheather #shopcleanupday #handkraftedbyheather #shopcleanupday 2 hours ago

Happy Saturday!! πŸ”Ή What’s on my agenda today you might ask?? Well it’s definitely NOT going to spend at #workbenchcon I’ll just be here cleaning up this gigantic mess. I have a couple of projects I need to knock out and I need a clean work space to do that. Whatever your doing today make it awesome!! . . #handkraftedbyheather #cleaningmymess #handkraftedbyheather #cleaningmymess #workbenchcon 6 hours ago

Winter finally arrived here in Oregon! I kept trying to tell it to go away but that doesn’t seem to have worked! No school today for the boys! They are anxious to get outside and play though! Doesn’t look there will be any working outside for me today! What are y’all up to today? . . #handkraftedbyheather #snowday #snowday #handkraftedbyheather 2 days ago

IT’S HERE!!! Tonight is the night of the LIVE event! Head over to @the_sweet.stash give them a follow and join us during the live tonight to see what’s going on! These are just a few of the items that will be available! See you tonight 9PM EST/6PM PST! . . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 3 days ago

Amazing giveaway from @snjwoodwork . It’s all to #supportthesweetstash #supportthesweetstash 4 days ago

Ok guys! Tomorrow is the day! The live event will start at 9PM EST/6PM PST. This is a limited edition event! After tomorrow you will not be able to get these items! Head over to @the_sweet.stash and check them out and be sure to mark your calendars! If you would like a preview of some of the items that will be available check out the hashtag #sweetstash_v1 😊 We hope to see you all there! This is NOT just for makers everyone is welcome! Join us and come shop with us! The funds will be split between the makers and @doshamiltonswoodworks who lost their shop in a fire. . . . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #westcoastbestcoast #naptimehustle #woodworkingcommunity #etsyseller #womenwhowoodwork #makerssupportingmakers #rustic #communityovercompetition #motherhustler #wooddecor #buildlikeagirl #handkraftedbyheather #handmade #limitededition #dowoodworking #etsy #pnw #makersgonnamake #oregon #sweetstash_v1 #womenwoodworkersofig #diyer #farmhousestyle #homedecor #igwoodworkingcommunity #woodworking 4 days ago

One last look at the final product for the #sweetstash_v1 event! This is just one of the many ways you can use these pieces! You can also use them as memo boards or as a backdrop for greenery or other decor. If you want one be sure your at the event in February 21st! . . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 6 days ago

Do you want a chance to get one of these?? If you do you need to make sure you at the @the_sweet.stash event of February 21st 9PM EST. They will only be available during the event and then they will be gone! Make sure you join us a lot of amazing makers are providing some awesome pieces! . . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 6 days ago

3 of 5 completed with the finish! I went with a layered effect on these. I started with carbon gray followed by weathered gray and finally with white paint. I just need to attach the chicken wire but that will be tomorrow. I love the finish! What do you guys think? These will only be available during @the_sweet.stash event on February 21st! Make sure your there! . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 1 week ago

Happy Friday Guys!!! 🌟 πŸ”Ή Not gonna lie it’s been a crap week but on the plus side these 3 beauties are ready to start the finishing process today! You can follow along in my stories so be watching for those! πŸ”Ή I really want to take a second to encourage you all to go and check out @the_sweet.stash! They are a platform for generating funds for makers in need! There is an awesome group of makers myself included who are putting together some limited edition items for their next event! Meaning you can only get these items there. You won’t want to miss out! πŸ”Ή 40% of our proceeds will go back to @the_sweet.stash to help with the relief effort for @doshamiltonswoodworks! He lost his shop in a fire and we are doing what we can to help out with that! πŸ”Ή So mark your calendars and make sure you join for us on February 21st for this limited edition event! Can’t wait to see you all there! . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 1 week ago

So I got my booty out the door and got 3 of 5 pieces sanded down this afternoon! I started with 60 grit and moved up through 220. I still need to sand the inside of the s but that will have to be done with either my mouse sander or by hand. Stay with me more to come.... . #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 #handkraftedbyheather #sweetstash_v1 1 week ago