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Hi. Sorry for the lack of updates again 😬 but I’m struggling to find the time to write atm since I’ve got mocks right now and they don’t finish until the last day of school for Christmas break. I’m busy revising for them and just don’t have the energy or time to write. Once they’re over I’ll be back to normal but until then there may be some updates but I can’t promise anything. Thanks for understanding. 4 days ago

Beastly. Part 74. Harry shut off his phone and shoved it in his pocket giving Y/N a small smile to show that his attention was back on her. “Sorry about that.” He mumbled. “It’s alright.” She smiled softly back. “Was it someone important?” “Oh no” Harry shook his head “just a friend.” “Ah... Are you close?” Y/N asked. “Yeah he’s one of my best friends.” Harry told her. “He actually works for you.” He mentioned making her raise her eyebrow. “Oh really?” Harry nodded in response. “What’s his name?” Y/N asked. “Louis Tomlinson.” “Louis Tomlinson?” Y/N repeated trying to figure who this Louis was. “He’s been working there longer than me.” Harry interrupted her thinking. “The name seems familiar but I don’t think I know who it is.” She shrugged. “He gets ahold of any books that want publishing and then gives it to the editors.” “Oh... so he’s pretty important.” She mumbled slightly embarrassed that she didn’t know the guy that to some extent made her company successful. “Yeah.” Harry awkwardly laughed. “He’s a great guy.” He tried to move the conversation along. “I don’t doubt he isn’t.” Again Y/N mumbled. “So um where are we going?” Harry asked completely changing the subject. “Well I figured you’d want to see one of New York’s most famous attractions The Statue of Liberty. So we’re gonna catch the Staten Island ferry.” “But that doesn’t take us to the actual statue?” “Well no but we get fairly close to it and plus there’s no point in actually going to the statue itself It’s not worth the money. We get a good view from the ferry and you can say you’ve been to Staten Island.” Y/N told Harry who just agreed. “Whatever you say Boss.” Harry smirked. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 1 week ago

Beastly. Part 71. Y/N sat quietly on a park bench reading a book as she tried to clear her head. She’d been sat here for almost an hour managing to calm herself down enough to be a semi-decent human being. She still wasn’t quite sure about what had actually happened in the office but she knew that if she didn’t get out of that environment she would’ve done something she would regret. “Hey.” A voice spoke softly from behind her making her jump slightly. She was relieved when she saw who it was. “Harry” She breathed. “W-what are you doing here?” She asked him. “I came to see if you were alright.” He smiled as he sat down next to her. “I’m fine.” She gave him a tight lipped smile. “H-how.. erm... how did you find me?” She asked very confused and a little concerned. “I um I googled places to go when you feel sad and the Park came up as a suggestion so I assumed with us being near Central Park...” Harry trailed off becoming slightly embarrassed. Y/N let out a small laugh at his somewhat smart work. “Are you saying I’m sad?” She asked playfully. “Well you’re definitely not yourself.” He answered. Y/N just nodded not knowing what else to say. “What book are you reading?” Harry changed the subject. “The outsiders.” “Oh. Don’t think I’ve read that.” Harry shrugged. “I’ve only read it a couple of times. It just happened to be in my bag so might as well read it.” She said as closed the book. “I always carry a book around with me just in case I have a chance to read or like now clear my head.” Y/N told him. “You’re a big reader huh?” Harry asked although the answer was pretty obvious. “Well I don’t own a publishing company for nothing.” She shrugged as she sat back. “What about you? Are you a big reader?” She asked. “Yeah I guess I am. I try to read one book a week but I enjoy writing more.” “Oh really?” “Mhm” Harry hummed. “Think I’ve written about 5 books.” “Wow really?” Y/N generally seemed amazed. “I wouldn’t mind reading one if you want.” She smiled completely shocking Harry. Continued in comments 2 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 70. Harry rolled his eyes as he shut off his phone and put it in his pocket quickly standing up and went off on a search to find one of the men that had been with Y/N. To his luck he found the seemingly nicer one who was making his way to the printer. “Excuse me sir.” Harry approached him. He smiled softly at him. “What can I do for you?” The man asked as he messed around with the printer. “What.. erm... what happened with Y/N?” Harry asked still concerned about her. He’d never seen her upset he wasn’t even sure if she could get upset so seeing her in any state that wasn’t like her was worrying. “Ah you’re the assistant?” He asked although he already knew. Harry just nodded. “She had to fire someone and he didn’t take it too well.” He shrugged. “That’s it?” Harry asked he knew it must be something more than someone being angry but all he received was an other shrugged. “I hate to be a pain but I could really do with getting on with some work. I’m already behind with most things.” The man smiled sympathetically. “Yeah of course thank you.” Harry smiled softly before he began to head out of the office. That was until something caught his eye. The other man stood chatting to some other employees a rather pissed off look plastered on his face. Harry approached him knowing that this encounter could possibly go two ways. “Excuse me.” Harry interrupted the groups conversation making them all turn there attention to him. “May I help you?” The pissed off man raised his eyebrow. “Yes actually. You were in there with Y/N a few minutes ago right?” Harry asked but he knew. The man scoffed. “Yes I was. Why would someone like you be interested?” He attempted to look down on Harry but failed miserably as they were pretty much the same height if anything Harry was taller. “I would just like to know what happened in there.” He answered trying to sound oblivious. Continued in comments #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 2 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 68. “Y/N?” Harry chased after her. “Are you alright?” He managed to catch up with her before she stepped into the elevator. “I’m fine.” She scoffed. “Are you sure?” He asked far from convinced. “Of course I’m fucking sure!” She raised her voice surprising herself along with the rest of the office. “I just wanna get out of here.” She mumbled continuing to hardly press on the buttons. “Of course. Where do you want-“ “On my own.” She interrupted Harry finally looking up at him. “Oh um yeah sure.” He nodded softly as he allowed her to step into the elevator on her own. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 2 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 67. Harry awkwardly sat in the corner not really knowing what to do with himself. He had seen Y/N go into an office followed by two other men but he didn’t have a clue what was going on. He could tell she was frustrated and possibly angry but he didn’t know why. She hadn’t told him anything. He sat twiddling his thumbs pretty much lost in his own thoughts until he heard yelling. Just like everyone else who was sat working his eyes were directed towards the office Y/N had gone into minutes prior before. He couldn’t really see anything though due to the blinds that covered the windows. It felt as if the yelling had gone on for too long making Harry slightly worried but before he could do anything the office door flew open followed by an upset looking Y/N storming out. He was about to ask if she was okay but she walked straight past him completely ignoring him. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 2 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 66. Y/N’s POV “Miss Y/L/N I did talk to you on the phone about this and said that it was unnecessary.” Jonathan tried to convince. “Really?” I raised my eyebrow. “What I see is someone that can barely do a simple task which happens to be rather important. And not to mention that the most recent reports show that he’s been slacking.” I spoke rather annoyed. “But Miss Y/L/N firing him? Isn’t that a little bit overreacting?” Jonathan questioned. “After all he is a good worker. He’s just made a few mistakes.” Again he tried to convince me as he had been doing for the past few days. If I didn’t know better I would’ve though that there was more than a working relationship between the two. “That’s when he actually does work.” I scoffed. “Mr Andrews. You know the way I work and how I expect everyone else to and if someone doesn’t meet that expectation then they go.” I spat my frustration staring to show a lot more. “How about we speak about this somewhere a bit more private.” Jonathan lowered his voice as he looked around at the roaming eyes. “My office?” He asked although it wasn’t really a question. “Bring Mr Kelvin in as well.” I said as I walked into his office. As I walked in I very quickly noticed how different Jonathan’s office was compared to mine. He’d definitely changed it up since I had designed it. I couldn’t help but look around as I waited. Each wall had at least one painting on it and every shelf or a place for storage was neatly organised something that I had always attempted to do but being the person I am it never lasted. My eyes landed on his desk which was buried in piles of work along with small personal belongings a couple of them being photo s which was filled with pictures of his wife and three children. I found myself staring at it for a few seconds before I quickly teared my eyes away from it some rather strange feelings starting to come over me. “Miss Y/L/N?” A new voice spoke up causing me to turn around. There stood the man who had pretty much caused this whole damn trip. “You wanted to see me?” He asked so innocently which only made me more mad. “Yes I did Mr Kelvin.” I intrigued him. Continued in comments #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 2 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 65. Y/N strolled into the seemingly chilled office with Harry hot on her heels. The workers faces contouring into shock and almost amazement as they saw their foreign boss walk in everyone very quickly rushing to their desks and starting their work. The action hadn’t gone unnoticed by Y/N but she let it pass for now. Harry couldn’t help but look around the place. It seemed a lot like the London office same colour scheme and similar furniture but something was different about it. Everyone seemed so much more happier here making the environment so much nicer and pleasant something that was missing from the London one. As he followed Y/N down the office he could feel many eyes take a glance of him most of them wanting to get a look at the ‘Big Boss’s’ assistant. Although the two offices were many miles apart that didn’t stop the stories and rumours getting across. Many of them knew that she had an assistant and many of them wondered why anyone would want to be in that position especially after what they’ve heard. They couldn’t deny that they were shocked to see someone like Harry. They had pictured someone a little less appealing a small vulnerable person who would do anything after being asked first time too scared to question anything. But Harry didn’t look like that. He looked like anything but that. He looked like someone who wouldn’t be pushed around someone who can look after himself and someone who was anything but scared. He noticed the many swooning looks but he ignored them he was far from interested. He had better things to do then worry about relationships and he didn’t plan on entering the dating life anytime soon. That’s what he kept telling Grace but she seemed to refuse to listen to him. Harry let out a sigh just thinking about her and the conversation with Louis earlier. “Is there a problem Mr Styles?” Y/N asked him her eyebrow raised. “Huh?” Harry questioned confused until he realised why. “Oh um nothing. Sorry.” He mumbled. Y/N just nodded and turned her attention back to the smart tall man she was talking to while Harry just shrinked back a bit trying to hide his embarrassment. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 3 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 64. “About time you appeared!” Y/N snapped as Harry emerged from his room. “Erm... sorry?” He almost questioned her sudden change in attitude shocking him. “We need to leave in ten minutes.” Y/N spoke sternly as she gathered some of her things she’d need for the day while Harry stood watching her in some sort of shock. “Why are you stood staring? Get your things. We need to leave.” Again she snapped at Harry. Cautiously Harry went to get his things his eyes constantly flicking to look back at Y/N who had a stern and unfriendly look on her face. “Ready?” She asked as she stood impatiently by the door. “Yep.” Harry sighed as he headed out the door followed by Y/N. They made their way down to the car Y/N focused on her phone while Harry just walked and thought. He couldn’t understand how Y/N had gone from being this nice to human being to the Y/N he had always known The Beast. Although he wouldn’t admit it in front of Louis he didn’t really like calling her that he found it disrespectful but he did find her as a rather rude and horrible woman so he always thought that was the best way to describe her. That was until yesterday. He saw a different side of her. A side that was much more pleasant and enjoyable. He hoped that after spending time with her outside of work that it would somehow change her behaviour towards him at least. It was obviously wishful thinking. “Did you hear me Harry?” Y/N interrupted Harry’s thinking which was when he realised they were near the car. “Erm... sorry. What?” He asked confused. “I knew you weren’t listening.” Y/N scoffed as she rolled her eyes. “When we get to the office I need you to be fully on the ball. I can’t have any slacking. These people are different to the ones in London and I can’t give them a bad impression of my staff so I’m relying on you.” She said sternly which left Harry suddenly feeling very pressurised and nervous. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 3 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 59. Harry sat in his bed as he uploaded the photo and he couldn’t help the little smile that covered his lips. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo 4 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 58. “You know I never thought you’d be one for street food.” Harry said as Y/N finished paying for the food handing it to him. “Only when it’s the good stuff.” She shrugged. “Trust me these are the best burgers out there!” She induced. “Well then” Harry attempted to lift up the food only to have it fall apart. “How the hell do you hold it?” He asked making Y/N laugh. “You just embrace the mess.” She joked. “To the best street food in New York.” He toasted randomly. “To the best.” Y/N continued to smile lifting up hers both of them taking a bite at the same time. “Mmm.” Harry moaned. “This is delicious. I definitely agree with you.” He said with his mouth full continuing to take bites which made Y/N laugh. “Am I ever wrong?” She rolled her eyes playfully. She watched as Harry ate completely mesmerised by the New York street food she found it rather amusing. “I hate to be a bummer but I think we should make a move back to the hotel.” She interrupted Harry’s make out session. “We’ve got to be out early tomorrow.” She mumbled. “Oh. Um yeah. We should go.” Harry mumbled back finishing the last of his burger before throwing away his rubbish. Y/N doing the same. The pair headed back to the hotel making little conversation as they did. Once they arrived to their room they made their way to straight to their room. “Hey Y/N.” Harry spoke up making Y/N turn to look at him. “Thank you. For today.” He nodded. Y/N only smiled softly. “It’s alright.” She said softly before heading into her room. 〰️ #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #zaynmalik #stories #textingseries #harrystylesfanfic #harrystyles #textingimagine #onedirection #ziam #1d #niallhoran #1dfandom #fanfic #harrystylesimagine #louistomlinson #larry #harryconvobeastly #f4f #like4like #liampayne #smut #textingharry #fandom #fanfiction #l4l #harryconvo #textingharrystyles #onedirectionfandom #follow4follow 4 weeks ago

Beastly. Part 57. “There are few people whom I really love and still fewer of whom I think well. The more I see of the world the more am I dissatisfied with it and every day confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of merit or sense.” Y/N read out softly while Harry just sat and listened. They had been sat in the library reading to point where they had lost track of time. Most people had left the only ones remaining were students and a few people searching through the shelves only to leave. “Is it really six forty five?” Y/N asked as she yawned quickly glancing at her watch. “Mhm.” Harry hummed not being able to actually saying anything. “We’ve been here for nearly eight hours.” Y/N Laughed softly. “We should probably make a move. Most people have left.” “Yeah you’re probably right.” Harry sighed as they stood up and gathered they’re things. “I think we should get something to eat. I’m starving!” Y/N emphasised ‘starving’ which made Harry let out a small chuckle as he agreed. “What do you fancy?” She asked. “Something... New Yorky.” Harry shrugged with a small smile. “I think I know the right place.” Y/N smiled back as they headed out the library and back into the still busy streets of New York. 〰️ I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice so anything about that book is off my best friend google. #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo #harryconvobeastly #harryconvo 1 month ago