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I had an awesome time today/tonight with @elnickgabriel ! 😍 I was able to see @dounia and @rlumrmusic at Songbyrd! ❤️ I swear they ate their recordings and I loved how they interacted with us. Yes I brought my sketchbook with me and did some on-site gesture drawings at least 15-30 min each. What else was I suppose to do while waiting? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Music #etc #random #random #etc #music 1 week ago

*inside jokes* Last night was fuunnn ☺️ 2 weeks ago

Earlier in Feb compared to today? I had to re-learn how to get loose again and remember that in art it’s okay to make those happy mistakes. People forget it’s not always about aiming for precision accuracy or perfection but rather YOUR best. #artsyfartsy #progress #panda #artsyfartsy #panda #progress 2 weeks ago