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Special thanks to @cindytamyt from DVC Borneo Wellness for being such wonderful host 😃. If youre in JB and looking for quality Borneo massage services do check out DVC Borneo massage! Located in Paradigm Mall level 3 they also provide shoulder body foot massage services and herbal foot spa! Check out their Facebook page for more detail // . #9gagfunoff #9gagfunoff 2 days ago

Stay tuned to find out what are these two weirdos doing at DVC Borneo wellness.🤣 . . Check out their Facebook page for more detail // 3 days ago

Heres is how I turn a plain wetsuit from decathlon into an custom amazing Spider-Man wetsuit. 5 days ago

Customized Spider-Man wetsuit. 5 days ago

Throwback to June 2017. Customized spider-man wetsuit and fins for diving so Ill look distinct underwater😎. 5 days ago

Featuring @kohwd🐯aka pu$$y perry & @kahche0ng💥 1 week ago

House is in a mess? Why not have some fun while cleaning up? Bringing back some memories for people who belongs to the the late 80s-90s generations and of cos helps you guys eliminate some stress from work or studies😃💪🏻. . . Video featuring @kahche0ng @kohwd & Bunny🐶 #9gagfunoff #9gagfunoff 1 week ago

What happens when you put a bunch of nonsensical people with identity crisis together🤣? Find out tomorrow....stay tuned 😉 1 week ago

Just me with my standard ootd pose Im actually a simple guy🤣🤣🤣. Have you guys check out the apparel at @urbanrevivo plaza sing and raffle city? if you haven what are you waiting for ? 2 weeks ago

What i do when I get bored. Pose and Snap 📸! 2 weeks ago

Boomz! Do I have the X-factor ❌❌❌ Throwback On my outfit for Christmas 2017. Green and red colourway to look like a Christmas tree🎄🤣. Wardrobe Jacket Bershka Top H&m BottomTaobao ShoePuma 2 weeks ago

3/3 Attempted to Pose with fairy lights....failed🤣 2 weeks ago

2/3 Attempted to Pose with fairy lights....failed🤣 2 weeks ago

1/3 Attempted to Pose with fairy lights....failed🤣 2 weeks ago

Have been hearing his name a lot lately especially during Christmas season🤣. Maybe this video will tel you why😬. Wanna specially thank @noel_nsg and @dorodori for starring @harts_salon for the venue and @kahche0ng for planning . 人不好看盖脸最好if youre not handsome cover your face better🤣🤣. Merry Christmas everybody! and Happy Birthday to you Noel! 4 weeks ago

Christmas is around the corner and it couldnt be more fun without this bunch of crazy ppl ! Specially thanks @kahche0ng for lending your home and @tan.euguene for the costumes😃. Merry Christmas everyone! 4 weeks ago

Inspired by @thefitnessmarshall we decided to attempt one of his routine CAKE and we gave it a twist 🎂🎂🎂 Eat your cake throw it in your face rub it on your body 🤣🤣🤣 Hope yall enjoy cos we certainly did!! #9gagfunoff 1 month ago