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Opened Conference play with a W and got to catch up with the homie after the game! We’ve came a long way since those Dawsonville days fam! ✊🏼#RockMade #Lafamilia #lafamilia #rockmade 2 weeks ago

“Life’s too short to be living somebody else’s dream” -Hugh Hef 2 weeks ago

Boolin with the one and only Jet Jones at Training Camp today... were pretty much on a first name basis at this point!! S/O To the Goat 🐐.. ITS TIME!! #RevengeSZN #DirtyBirdNation #JetJones #dirtybirdnation #jetjones #revengeszn 2 months ago

Why so serious? We all die in the end 🤷🏻‍♂️ 3 months ago

Im probably in the sky Flying with the fishes 3 months ago

drip from my walk 3 months ago

I aint playing yeah I want every problem 3 months ago

Bought yo girl some Nike when she asked me bout a check ✔️ 3 months ago

Plug name Julio but he dont play for Atlanta ☎️ 📽 @airedout_si 4 months ago

S/o @danfolger 5 months ago

"Now I kno how it feels to be famous.. you dont even have to take pics of yourself" #SuperVillains #supervillains 5 months ago

In buckhead we milly rock 🎥 @airedout_si 5 months ago

Dissin but got pictures with me smiling tho 6 months ago

I swear I have the coolest little cousin ever! 11 months ago