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Falling is never the problem its remaining on the ground thats the real problem. So glad to be back on my feet. Who missed me? 2 hours ago

STORY TIME I met this guy on one of my numerous journey to the Island. I live on the mainland so finding my way around the Island could be very frustrating for me. I was somewhere around Ozumba Mbakwe trying to find out which of the building I was staring at was the right one when this young guy approached me. This guy was neatly dressed fresh and with well-groomed beards. You know na the kind of one that would make you conclude that the guy was good to go. He asked me where  I was headed and I was quick to let him know my destination. He offered to lead me as he was heading towards the same direction. want the rest of the story? Head to the blog and type in Mr Nice guy on the search widget 6 days ago

The truth is that every time someone hits the follow button on your account they did that for a reason. They are either following you to get entertained informed motivated or educated . . . . No matter what you use your instagram account you have to be intentional about the contents you post. . . . So why do you think you get followed on a daily basis? 1 week ago

May God give you reasons to laugh like this. 1 week ago

Welcome to my space! In case you dont know Im Kween Oizamsi better know as KOZ in the online space. Im a social media manager and content creator that is particular about helping brands at its infant stage become visible on social media. * * * When Im not managing social media pages Im putting down my thoughts on This space was birthed out of my desire to help young ladies grow personally and become better version of themselves. You could check it out though Im sure youd find something that would strike your interest * * * Did I forget to mention that being in the online world especially Instagram has made me come in contact with wonderful people like @joanakob @dare_oguns @royalbiba and other multi talented content creators at the @thebloggersadvocate Did you make it to you the end? You have won yourself a badge as my friend. All you have to do to claim this offer is introduce yourself too.😎😎😍 1 week ago

A lot has been happening with me but this words are my consolation. His Wisdom beats my imagination. So I might not be able to comprehend everything that is going on but I know one thing for sure. God will never put more on me than I can bear . . . When last did you visit the blog? There are lots of posts to catch up with you know 😁 #nigerianblogger #personaldevelopment #beautiful #newblogger #blackandproud #newbie #skincarebloggger #contentwriter #nigerianbeautyblogger #kozdiaries #african #blackswhoblog #nigerianblogginggal #browngirlbloggers #naijastartup #africanbeauty #nigerianbeauty #wednesdaywisdom #trustinggod #lifestyleblogger #bloggertribe #confidentwoman #nigerianlifestyleblogger #christianblogger #blogger #instagood #inspirationalblogger 1 week ago

This new week stay true to yourself stay true to what you are trying to achieve something you dont get distracted. 2 weeks ago

I have come to understand that even though Satan has dominion over the world he doesn’t have that power over Christians that have the word of God crested in the hearts. How much of the word of God do you have crested in your heart? 2 weeks ago

Because its raining and sun is shinning so lion must be giving birth to a new baby lion. ** ** Who else have been told a fable like this? 2 weeks ago

Finally the week is over🙌🙌 What was the high point of your week? For me I got a mail that Ive been expecting all year 2 weeks ago

A new chapter has opened for me Hallelujah he has won the victory 2 weeks ago

FACTS *people follow your account either for motivation education entertainment or information * You have to be social on social media * Your bio is supposed to tell new followers what they are to expect after following you So there is so much to say concerning this post thanks to @jazz_entrepreneur and @thelarryleo for opening my eyes to these secrets. Just use the search widget on the blog and type in instagram to read this post and thank me later #nigerianblogger #personaldevelopment #naijablogger #unilag #nigerianentrepreneur #dailytips #uniben #ibadan #nigerianbrand #lagoslife #socialmediatips #kozdiaries #naijastartup #proudlynigerian #nigerianwriter #inspirational #naijarookie #selfdevelopmentblogger #madeinnigeria #writer #beninblogger #lagosblogger #inspitationalblogger #naijawriter #blogger #naijafashiondaily 2 weeks ago

Stepping into the month of November like a superwoman. 2 weeks ago

Welcome to a brand new week! How restful was your weekend? Mine was just like every other day as I had little or no rest all through the weekend. In the spirit of that no rest weekend I want to talk about how to make your day at the office or school super awesome even if you didn’t have the desired rest. 1. Pick your outfit the night before 2. Dont skip breakfast 3. ??????? . . . Want to know the rest? Visit the blog today. Just type in " How to make your day awesome" * * * Have a great day ahead. #nigerianblogger #personaldevelopment #unilag #nigerianentrepreneur #dailytips #socialmedia #uniben #ibadan #nigerianbrand #lagoslife #kozdiaries #mondaymood #naijastartup #proudlynigerian #nigerianwriter #inspirational #naijarookie #selfdevelopmentblogger #mondaymotivation #writer #madeinnigeria #lagosblogger #inspitationalblogger #naijawriter #blogger #naijafashiondaily 3 weeks ago