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Song Ji Hyo Says Relationships On “Running Man” Inspired Her Acting In New Film Song Ji Hyo compared her relationships in SBS’s “Running Man” to those in her latest film “Wind Wind Wind” literal title at a film preview on March 22. “Wind Wind Wind” is a comedy film that tells the story of a man who has had affairs for the last 20 years played by Lee Sung Min a man who belatedly falls into the world of affairs played by Shin Ha Kyun his wife who falls in love with the world of social media played by Song Ji Hyo and a woman with irresistible charm played by Lee El. On her realistic acting as Lee Sung Min’s younger sister and Shin Ha Kyun’s wife Song Ji Hyo said “I didn’t have to look far to see what the relationship of a married couple of eight years and siblings looked like. I could see it on ‘Running Man’ which I’ve been on for nine years.” She continued “I thought that it would be more realistic to not just show the pretty sides but also how you have to view things realistically and objectively and speak honestly. Instead of just talking about good things I also talked about unpleasant things and complained in order to show my close relationships with Lee Sung Min and Shin Ha Kyun.” The actress added “Instead of looking for inspiration from far away I looked at my family and the relationship of people I do the program with. I used what I saw around me and tried to make it realistic.” “Wind Wind Wind” will premiere in theaters in Korea on April 4. Source Soompi #KpopLovers #Movie #WingWindWind #April2018 #SongJiHyo #RunningMan #runningman #wingwindwind #movie #songjihyo #kpoplovers #april2018 1 day ago

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk And Highlight’s Lee Gikwang Confirmed To Star In New Dance Variety Show The two idols who are both widely renowned for their dancing skills will be serving as “dance directors” on JTBC4’s upcoming reality show “WHYNOT — The Dancer” literal title. On March 22 JTBC4 confirmed that both Eunhyuk and Lee Gikwang were departing for LA that same day in order to film for the new program. The show will follow the singers as they collaborate with a famous choreographer and work together to come up with their very own choreography. Eunhyuk and Lee Gikwang are also said to be actively recruiting other idol dancers to join them in their project. “WHYNOT — The Dancer” is scheduled to air in April. In the meantime Eunhyuk Lee Gikwang and the other dancers on the program will be sharing glimpses of their journey in real time on social media. Are you excited about this new variety show? Leave your thoughts below! #KpopLovers #Love #SuJu #Eunhyuk #Highlight #SMTOWN #SuperShow7 #superjunior #superjunior #highlight #eunhyuk #suju #love #kpoplovers #smtown #supershow7 1 day ago

Xiumin Shares What He Finds Difficult About Being EXO’s Oldest Member On the March 15 episode of tvN’s “Life Bar” TVXQ’s Changmin EXO’s Xiumin and NCT’s Mark discussed a variety of topics from their relationship as labelmates their drinking habits and about their respective members. During the broadcast Super Junior’s Kim Heechul questioned what phrase people tended to associate with Xiumin. The EXO member replied “Me? Probably ‘the oldest member.” When asked what was hard about being the oldest member in EXO Xiumin candidly answered “The pressure that comes with being the oldest.” He explained “I also know how to be silly be mischievous and I really do know how to lighten up. But I have so many members who are younger than me. That might be why even nowadays if I’m out working with my members I’m the type to accept the weight [of being the oldest] and stay quiet.” Affirming Heechul’s comment about how he holds back when he must also want to play and talk more when they’re promoting Xiumin said “In that aspect I do feel like it’s kind of a shame and a little difficult.” The hosts then asked what it was like being the oldest when EXO gets into fights. “We have never physically fought with each other” Xiumin revealed. “We are all aware of this if someone gets wounded because we fought like that then they would have to miss practice.” He expressed how all of EXO hates when a member gets hurt even more so when they consider the fact they have concerts every year and it’s hard to practice new formations all the time. The singer continued “That’s why we’re the type to just express that we’re feeling bad and if it escalates then we all gather together and talk it out.” Xiumin playfully added to the hosts and guests’ agreement “If we have a little alcohol in us then it gets resolved more quickly.” And then we forget about it a few days later.” #Love #Style #Wedding #kpop #photo #exo #EXOL #photo #wedding #style #love #exol #kpop #exo 6 days ago

Yang Hyun Suk Personally Addresses Concerns Over Unclear Future Of “MIXNINE” Finalists It was reported by several sources yesterday that YG Entertainment has not been preparing any debut plans for the final group from “MIXNINE.” On March 16 however Yang Hyun Suk took to his personal Instagram to address these reports. He uploaded a screenshot of a news article titled “Why are YG and Yang Hyun Suk remaining silent on the rumors of no debut? Will YG continue their ‘coexistence’ with the smaller agencies?” Yang Hyun Suk then wrote as the caption “Coexistence~ we must make it happen. We’ll try hard…please wait.” #Love #wedding #photo #kpop #suju #YG #MixNine #wedding #photo #yg #suju #love #mixnine #kpop 1 week ago

Park Jin Young And GOT7 To Appear On “Ask Us Anything” Together It was reported and confirmed that GOT7 and Park Jin Young will be participating in a filming for “Ask Us Anything” on March 1. The idol group is set to make a comeback on March 12 with their new album “Eyes On You” and Park Jin Young agreed to appear on the show because he wanted to show his support for the group. Park Jin Young will be the second head of an agency to appear on the show following Yoon Jong Shin and the first to appear in the same episode as a group under his label. He’s already been mentioned multiple times by singers like Sunmi and TWICE in their stories so it will be interesting to see what he brings to share with the cast. This will be GOT7’s first appearance on the show but as an energetic and humorous group of members well-known as “beagle-dols” their upcoming episode will be one to watch. Park Jin Young and GOT7’s appearance on “Ask Us Anything” will air this month with the show airing every Saturday at 9 p.m. KST. source soompi #kpop #JYP #Got7 #BamBam #Mark #Jinyoung #Junior #Bounce #junior #mark #jyp #jinyoung #bambam #kpop #bounce #got7 3 weeks ago

NCT U Gives Another Spellbinding Look At “Baby Don’t Stop” In MV Teaser NCT U has released an MV teaser for “Baby Don’t Stop” the upcoming track by Ten and Taeyong! The MV is due out on February 28 at midnight KST. NCT is gearing up for the next release in the group’s “NCT 2018” project! On February 23 at midnight KST NCT U gifted fans with a series of breathtaking teasers that spotlight Ten for his upcoming duo track “Baby Don’t Stop” with Taeyong who also makes appearances in the teasers. NCT will be making a comeback next month as an 18-member group with their album “NCT 2018” and they’ve already shared their unit NCT U’s track “Boss” from the upcoming release. #NCTU #NCT2018 #SMTOWN #SMFamily #doyoung #taeyong #ten #taeyong #ten #smfamily #doyoung #nct2018 #nctu #smtown 3 weeks ago

Red Velvet’s Seulgi and WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon will appear on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle”! On February 23 it was confirmed that the two idols will be filming in Mexico. Their episode will air sometime in April after the South Pole special. The production staff of “Law of the Jungle” are currently working on casting and they will head off to Mexico in early March. This will be Seulgi and Lee Seung Hoon’s first time on the show so fans are looking forward to seeing their survival skills in the jungle. “Law of the Jungle” airs every Friday at 10 p.m. KST. Check out the latest episode below! #WINNER #RedVelvet #SeungHoon #Seulgi #Kpop #redvelvet #seunghoon #seulgi #kpop #winner 3 weeks ago

Park Hae Jin is returning to his character Yoo Jung for the upcoming film “Cheese in the Trap”! The film is based on the popular webtoon of the same name. “Cheese in the Trap” follows the story of Yoo Jung the perfect college student who hides his real personality. His love interest and fellow student Hong Seol is an average yet charming girl. Park Hae Jin previously starred as Yoo Jung in the drama adaptation of the webtoon. In the stills Park Hae Jin shows off all the nuances of Yoo Jung. He portrays the character in his high school days modeling his school uniform and showing off Yoo Jung’s thoughtful and pensive side as well as his darker moodier personality. As a college student Park Hae Jin is all smiles while having dinner and drinks with friends and appears quite happy while sitting with his girlfriend Hong Seol in class. “Cheese in the Trap” movie will premiere on March 14. #KoreanDrama #ParkHaeJin #OhYeonSoo #CheeseInTheTrap #ohyeonsoo #cheeseinthetrap #parkhaejin #koreandrama 3 weeks ago

WINNER Heads To LA To Film Music Video For Upcoming Comeback On February 19 it was reported that the members of WINNER had flown to Los Angeles to film their new music video with multiples industry sources claiming that the group plans to make their comeback in March. In response a source from YG Entertainment stated “It is true that WINNER has flown to Los Angeles to begin filming the music video for their upcoming title track. They are completely immersed in preparations for their comeback.” Yang Hyun Suk had mentioned earlier in the month on his Instagram account that WINNER’s upcoming music video would be a high-production project. He also teased that their new song would be a genre they’ve never tried before. This is set to be WINNER’s first release since their second single album “Our Twenty For” in August 2017. With their 2017 releases “Really Really” “Love Me Love Me” and “Island” hitting it big last year including “Really Really” becoming the first 2017 male idol track to exceed 100 million streams anticipation is high for WINNER’s comeback. source soompi #kpop #yg #reallyreally #lovemeloveme #jinwoo #yg #lovemeloveme #jinwoo #kpop #reallyreally 1 month ago

NCT Reveals Plans For “Boss” Comeback Stage + Upcoming NCT 2018 Album NCT is kicking off its ambitious “NCT 2018” project with the release of NCT U’s “Boss” a powerful dance track with equally fierce choreography. “Boss” is one of the tracks from NCT’s upcoming “NCT 2018” album which will be released in March and will feature all 18 members of the group. The album will include songs by several different NCT units including NCT U NCT 127 and NCT Dream. Skip to content NCT Reveals Plans For “Boss” Comeback Stage + Upcoming NCT 2018 Album E. Cha February 18 2018  Tweet908 Share3K Reddit121 Share SHARES4K NCT has shared its plans for its first comeback stage of 2018! See Also GOT7 Confirms March Comeback Shares New Year’s Wishes For 2018 NCT is kicking off its ambitious “NCT 2018” project with the release of NCT U’s “Boss” a powerful dance track with equally fierce choreography. “Boss” is one of the tracks from NCT’s upcoming “NCT 2018” album which will be released in March and will feature all 18 members of the group. The album will include songs by several different NCT units including NCT U NCT 127 and NCT Dream. NCT U a special unit with rotating members that represents all of the other NCT units will be making its first-ever comeback on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on February 22 where it will perform “Boss” for the first time. The group previously released the music video for the track which was filmed in Ukraine on February 19. The unit is currently comprised of members Taeyong Doyoung Jaehyun WinWin and Mark as well as new members Jungwoo and Lucas who will be making their debut through the comeback. Are you looking forward to seeing NCT U perform “Boss” for the first time? #SMTOWN #doyoung #Taeyoung #mark #lucas #winwin #jaehyun #NCTU #lucas #mark #taeyoung #winwin #doyoung #nctu #smtown #jaehyun 1 month ago

SM Entertainment To Hold “SMTOWN LIVE” Concert In Dubai This April SM Entertainment is set to hold a concert in Dubai! According to local reports the Dubai leg of “SMTOWN Live World Tour VI” will be held on April 6 at the Autism Rocks Arena in Dubai United Arab Emirates. A total of 35 artists are listed to perform including Kangta BoA TVXQ Super Junior Girls’ Generation SHINee fx EXO Red Velvet TRAX and Super Junior-M’s Henry. SM has been holding world tours since 2008 traveling to cities like New York City Paris Tokyo and Beijing. This will be the first time the tour will include a performance in the Middle East. EXO will be traveling to Dubai for the second time this year through the upcoming concert as they previously flew to Dubai in January to celebrate their song “Power” being the first K-pop song to be used in the Dubai Fountain Show. Tickets are not on sale yet but the organizer is currently taking registrations for the pre-sale. Are you excited for this concert? source soompi #SMTOWN #SMFamily #SNSD #fx #Shinee #RedVelvet #superjunior #EXO #boa #kangta #TVXQ #GirlsGeneration #NCTU #NCT127 #NCTDream #fx #superjunior #nct127 #kangta #girlsgeneration #snsd #exo #tvxq #boa #redvelvet #smfamily #nctdream #nctu #shinee #smtown 1 month ago

NCT U Drops Intense MV Teaser For “Boss” NCT U has released a look at their return with “Boss”! On February 13 at 1130 p.m. KST the NCT unit gave a sneak peek of what was to come by sharing a photo of seven members resting on each other. “Boss” is a new release by the unit which has a rotational lineup and previously included six members. The teaser for the “Boss” MV shows that this time around the lineup will be Doyoung Jaehyun Jungwoo Lucas Mark Taeyong and WinWin. The original lineup of NCT U made its debut in April of 2016 with the double singles “The 7th Sense” and “Without You.” source soompi #NCTU #Boss #SMTOWN #SMFamily #doyoung #Taeyoung #Ten #Jaehyun #Winwin #Mark #ten #mark #taeyoung #winwin #boss #smfamily #doyoung #nctu #smtown #jaehyun 1 month ago

EXO’s Sehun Confirmed To Play Leading Role In Web Film Based On Popular Webtoon EXO’s Sehun will be taking on his first major domestic acting role! On February 12 SM Entertainment confirmed that he will be starring as the lead of web film “Dokgo Rewind.” “80 percent [of the film] is action and the action director from film ‘The Villainess’ will be participating. Also an assistant director from ‘The Villainess’ will be directing” the agency added and assured that it is worth anticipating. “Dokgo Rewind” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name. Sehun will play the role of Kang Hyuk who attempts revenge on a school gang for his older brother who passed away due to violence. The film will follow Kang Hyuk’s developing friendship with Tae Jin a former wrestler and Jong Il who is trying to leave the school gang. The web film is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2018. #EXO #Sehun #SMTown #SMFamily #sehun #exo #smtown #smfamily 1 month ago

iKON Soars To The Top With “Love Scenario” iKON’s “LOVE SCENARIO” moves up 14 spots to take over as the new No. 1 song this week! This song won on “M! Countdown” last week and also ranked in the top three in nearly every chart in Korea. As a result “LOVE SCENARIO” took in a very high score and easily won this week. It’s also iKON’s first No. 1 song on our chart. Congratulations to iKON! “LOVE SCENARIO” is the title song from iKON’s second studio album “Return” and is an R&B song with addictive melody and poignant lyrics about a man recalling the memories of love. iKON’s leader B.I took part in writing the song while Bobby also took part in penning the lyrics. sorce soompi #iKON #YG #jihwan #bobby #B.I #jihwan #bobby #ikon #yg #b 1 month ago

Yang Hyun Suk Shares Exciting Details About WINNER’s Comeback Yang Hyun Suk revealed some new teasers about WINNER’s upcoming comeback! On February 12 the YG head posted a photo of the four members’ mics and gave many details through hashtags. According to Yang Hyun Suk WINNER will be shooting a music video very soon and it will boast the highest production costs. He also added that everyone is prepping for perfection every day and tied in WINNER’s hit song “Really Really.” In addition the new songs will be produced by WINNER and they will be trying out a new genre. WINNER started their 2018 Japan tour on February 10 and will be holding 11 concerts in seven cities. They will also be performing at Budokan for the first time on April 28. Are you excited about WINNER’s comeback? #winner #jinwoo #yg #reallyreally #yg #reallyreally #jinwoo #winner 1 month ago

BTS Comes Up With Fun Ideas For Future Live Broadcasts On February 12 BTS held a V Live broadcast for being chosen as one of V Live’s Global Top 10. During the broadcast BTS talked with their fans reminisced about their past year and looked ahead to 2018. Skip to content BTS Comes Up With Fun Ideas For Future Live Broadcasts S. Park February 12 2018  Tweet4K Share9K Reddit Share1 SHARES12K On February 12 BTS held a V Live broadcast for being chosen as one of V Live’s Global Top 10. See Also The 10 Best K-Drama OSTs Of 2017 That We’ll Never Forget During the broadcast BTS talked with their fans reminisced about their past year and looked ahead to 2018. Jin began “This is all thanks to ARMY. I don’t know how to repay you for this” and blew fans a kiss. Jungkook said “I am working hard to show you cooler things” and added he is practicing playing the piano. The group then watched video messages from their fans congratulating them on becoming one of V Live’s Global Top 10. Vcommented “I realized again today that people love us from many countries. We will go to you soon so please wait.” In order to thank their fans BTS members came up with creative awards such as the “Meal Award” “You Are My World Award” and “Beyond My Imagination Award” all of which were puns on the word “award.” The members also watched their past V Live broadcasts received a trophy and gave acceptance speeches. Jimin stated “I think RM communicated the most with fans.” RM named J-Hope and Suga and the members all praised one another for their efforts to communicate with fans through the site. BTS members also came up with some fun ideas for future V Live broadcasts. Jimin declared “I want to do something groundbreaking. I want to do something where we get dropped off all over the country and have to find each other.” BTS concluded the broadcast by saying they will continue to show that they are worthy of being one of the Global Top 10 artists in the future. #kpop #bts #jin #jungkook #v #TaeTae #taehyung #jimin #rapmonster #suga #BigHit #v #suga #taehyung #bighit #kpop #jungkook #bts #taetae #jimin #rapmonster #jin 1 month ago

Wanna One’s Agency Releases Statement On Severe Violations Of Privacy YMC Entertainment has released a request for fans to respect the privacy of Wanna One. On February 13 the agency shared a statement that begins “We express our sincere gratitude to all the Wannables that give generous support and love to Wanna One.” It continues “We have released similar statements several times already but we are sending a request to certain fans who are causing harm to the Wanna One members. Recently due to certain fans that acquire the personal information of Wanna One members illegally and attempt to contact them whether it’s day or night not only are Wanna One’s schedules affected but also the members’ sleep and personal lives have become difficult. The artists have expressed severe mental stress as a result.” “We ask that you recognize the harm given to the artists’ personal lives when you attempt to call them or send messages through text or mobile messengers and we earnestly request that you halt such actions that ruin the artists’ valuable lives.” “Also using the safety of Wanna One members as an excuse to send threats or false information to agency staff and installing  tracking devices on their vehicles to follow them to private schedules such actions disturb the artists’ schedules and can harm their safety so we request that you refrain from doing so.” The statement concludes “We ask for your cooperation so that Wanna One members no longer receive mental suffering due to improper acts by certain fans.” source soompi #wannaone #ymc #kpop #kangdaniel #kpop #wannaone #ymc #kangdaniel 1 month ago

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Shares Sweet Photos From Birthday Party Sooyoung celebrated her birthday with her fellow Girls’ Generation members! On February 11 Sooyoung shared some photos from her birthday party that was held the night before. The first photo shows her sitting in front of balloons that spell out “HBD HOT SOOTUFF.” The next two photos show her posing with Yuri Hyoyeon and Seohyun. The four members are casually dressed in hoodies as part of the dress . Sooyoung wrote as the caption “My loves.” source soompi #SNSD #SMTown #SMFamily #Sooyoung #kpop #GirlsGeneration #smfamily #smtown #kpop #girlsgeneration #snsd #sooyoung 1 month ago

Park Bo Gum Announces First Fan Meetings Of 2018 Park Bo Gum has revealed plans to meet with his fans this year! On February 6 his agency Blossom Entertainment announced the news on Park Bo Gum’s fan cafe. The event will take place on March 31 and April 1 at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Palace in Seoul. This will be the actor’s first fan meeting in Korea in a year after holding one last March. He is currently looking over future projects after starring in KBS’s “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” in 2016. #parkbogum #blossom #fanmeeting #kpop #seoul #fanmeeting #seoul #parkbogum #blossom #kpop 1 month ago