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I’m still living out of boxes. 4 days ago

Rang it in with the best of ‘em. God damn 2017 was good to me. 2 weeks ago

throwback to when I wasn’t feeling like death 3 weeks ago

Winter weddings are magical 📸 @secondary_sweater 1 month ago

Happy birthday @jessicashaffalo. No one else I’d rather spend my time with eating doughnuts and ignoring each other. #besters #turnt #turnt #besters 1 month ago

Halloween babes 💀 2 months ago

It’s my sweet baby princess angels birthday today. So grateful for this queen in my life. 🖤 @katiemerkur 3 months ago

Babe night @jessicahannashaffalo 3 months ago

Fridays are for the girls 4 months ago

New RB 4 months ago

I dont know freedom// I want my dreams to rescue me 4 months ago

We thought we peaked too early this weekend but today proved us wrong 🤙 #cruelsummer #boatparty #boatparty #cruelsummer 6 months ago

Some babes 6 months ago

Officially summa time 🌞 7 months ago

*us laughing at fuckboys who try slidin into both our DMs* 7 months ago