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😆🤔😲 saw this in his homework file. To shake head or laugh? We both laughed our heads out! So do you think my son went to the garden? 1 day ago

Dressing down in Camo today! #camofamily #camofamily 3 days ago

2018 大年初二, 祝大家🐶年旺旺!🍊🍊 4 days ago

2018 大年初一 Wishing everyone a Happy “Paws-perous” Lunar New Year! 5 days ago

Fish soup seafood soup prawn soup crayfish soup.. You name it I will love it.. Another favourite store in the east! 1 week ago

Sunday rainy morning brekkie for 3 of us to end year 2017. Time to wrap the textbooks now after brekkie! #garlicbreadchaota #garlicbreadchaota 1 month ago

A platter of small bites. #thaifood #thaifood 2 months ago

We were blessed with good weather where we spent half a day at Adventure Cove and shopped for his present at Toysarus. Initially he told us he wanted to eat bao for lunch and cake for dinner. This son 真的很容易养.. Nonetheless we did had bread and ended up with a wonderful dinner and cake. Happy 7th Birthday to our dear son! 2 months ago

Happy Belated Birthday @littlemissduno 😍 3 months ago

Requested the hubs to post but he refused cuz he said he is not good at words as if i am.. So posting it myself so FB will remind me of these fond memories yearly. Nowadays I am getting lazy and at times will post backdated pics in my Insta. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and also make it a point to arrange a meet up to celebrate with me! Cheers! 🤗 6 months ago

Seoul with MIL SILs and BIL. Still recalled that Jovan had HFMD on the second day of our trip. But then again he enjoyed himself despite his trip to the hospital and the medicines that he had taken. #seoul #june2016 #june2016 #seoul 6 months ago

You know who is having the most fun! #seoul #oct2016 #seoul #oct2016 7 months ago