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Comparison Pic It’s deffo been a journey. • May my internal growth be to the same extent as my hair 💕💗✨ 11 hours ago

Texture Tuesdays - Bun life ➰🧡 • Have you seen my latest messy bun tutorial. If not check it out in my last post 👉🏾 2 days ago

Messy Bun 🎥 Here’s a vid on how I get my thick medium length hair in a messy bun that appears full. So many reasons I do my bun like this • Wet hair is easier for me to manage because my hair is thick. Plus I like my bun to still show my curls so I add product first to make my curls pop before scooping my hair up. • My hair isn’t super long yet - so I start off in a puff to give the bun extra volume and make my hair appear longer. A good tip for extra volume if your hair isn’t necessarily long is to lightly blow dry the puff and pick the bun out with a pick. • I like that messy look so I pull some of the curls out and finger coil • Products used @cremeofnature @cremeofnatureuk Curl Repair Leave In Jojoba Oil @camillerosenaturals Curl Maker Eco styler Gel 3 days ago

5ft 1 but my attitude 6’2. 4 days ago

Product Review ✨ For this wash and go I used @mielleorganics White Penoy Leave In Conditioner and the Pomegranate and Honey Curl Smoothie. The range has so many curling creams and stylers to choose from I was like “ahhh which one”. The smoothie specifically caters to thick hair and targets moisture from the honey 🍯 and strength which is why I bought it. My hair is super thick but the consistency was thick enough to make my hair feel like there was enough product without having to keep re-applying. And there were no white bits of residue left in my hair either. I really liked this combo together but I might go for a gel next time because the smoothie can double up as a leave in conditioner lol it’s all about shopping smart! When I added the eco styler my curls popped instantly so I will deffo be trying this with the Honey and Ginger Styling Gel to see how that works. Overall I’m impressed with the results💕 1 week ago

Texture Tuesdays - Wet Vs Dry 💦➰ I can’t believe how much my hair has grown since this time last year...I’m due to post another progress pic soon. I tend to notice the length more when my hair’s wet but when it’s dry there is so much more volume which I love. Whilst my hair shrinks as it dries I still notice my hair growth because my hair gets gets bigger and expands as it gets longer. So don’t be too quick to say your hair hasn’t grown because it doesn’t hang downwards mine doesn’t it just increases in volume. With wash and go’s my hair poofs out so much by day 3/4 and its a little curly mane. Natural hair is like magic it’s crazy 😂✨ If you haven’t already seen my wash and go video check it out on my page 1 week ago

Monday’s 🧡 Issa sleek bun and oversized hoodie kinda day... Shout out to @bornriskyapparel for sending me this hoodie it’s so comfy. 1 week ago

•Wash and Go ➰💦 1. Section 2. Apply product using raking method 3. Scrunch hair and shingle any sections that are clumped together then let hair air dry. 4. Style and pick hair out for volume. I did record my wash and go in my last post so go check it out 🎥 1 week ago

Wash and Go Routine 🎥 I use a a combination of a raking and shingling technique. I tend to rake through my hair first starting from the back. Then I will shingle and finger coil parts of my hair so any parts that clump together or for the sides of my hair where the curls are tighter. The most important thing about getting my curls defined every time is making sure my hair is wet when I apply product and rake through my hair. If needs be I’ll spray extra water on my hair. This allows the product to slip through and work magic on my curls ✨💓➰💦 Products used •@sheamoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil •Jojoba Oil •@cantubeautyuk Curl Activator •Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel 2 weeks ago

Love my little curls ➰💗 Can’t wait till summer to wear my hair in a wash and go style more. I finally filmed my wash and go - mini vid coming soon ! Products used 1. @sheamoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner 2. @cantubeautyuk Curl Activator 3. Eco Styler 2 weeks ago

Really digging the sleek bun life atm. 2 weeks ago

Females are the Future #missygirls #missygirls 2 weeks ago

Flat Twist Bun with Gold Clips 🎥 So I decided to try a new protective style with a bun and four flat twists at the front. I did this on old twist out hair so it was stretched. I can’t lie I hadn’t washed my hair in about 8 days so my hair needed to be put away before wash day. I’m loving the Bun life I can’t believe my hair has grown so much that it can go in a bun after being a taper cut this time last year. I like this style because it was so easy to do and it looks super cute 🧡✨ • 1. I sprayed @sheamoisture Reconstructive Finishing Elixir Oil to add some moisture to my hair. 2. Then I parted my hair into two sections and put the back away. 3. Then part the front into four sections and flat twist each section. I used a bobby pin to secure each flat twist. 4. Then for the back I sprayed water in my hair and used some eco styler to slick my hair down. I used a bristle brush aswell. 5. Then I tucked the back into a bun and omg my arms were tired because I have the thickest hair ever ! 6. Lastly I added the gold clips laid my edges with some eco styler and then put my silk headscarf on for about 10 minutes to keep my hair flat. 2 weeks ago

Flat Twist Bun with Gold Clips ✨🧡 It’s been snowing and cold so I decided to do a protective style to put my ends away. The bun is good because it protects my ends from getting too dry from this cold weather and the flat twists and gold clips were a nice way to jazz it up cos some of these protective styles be making me look half my age. I filmed this style so the mini tutorial is coming soon. Happy Friday 😝 2 weeks ago

Journeying 🌛✨ 3 weeks ago

Headwrap Tutorial 🎥 Headwraps are my fave. I love them when I can’t be bothered to do my hair and they’re so easy to style. I used to wear them all the time when my hair was short. I used a piece of African cloth that I bought from Brixton Market Big up South London lol. If I could wear one to work I would plus they make me feel like a Nubian Queen 👑 Also I hate how the quality of the vid becomes trash when I upload on the gram - can someone assist me plez 🙃 3 weeks ago

Not Boujee just particular. People will have to adapt cos a Queen will never adjust the crown 👑💁🏽‍♀️ 3 weeks ago

Embrace being natural and learn to be happy with your hair regardless of curl pattern hair length hair type frizz or definition. That’s what this big chop journey has taught me ✨🌼🧡👑 1 month ago

Brb...just taking a quick trip to Wakanda 🙅🏽‍♀️✨👑 1 month ago

My go to Leave in Conditioners 🎥 Depending on which style I’m doing will determine which leave in conditioner I use. I’ll use something more light weight if I’m doing a twist/braid out style or a spray if I’m trying to my wash and go curls. This is just a quick one min chit chat on 4 of my faves 💕 What are your fave Leave On Conditioners comment below 👇🏾 @curls @cantubeautyuk @cantubeauty @cremeofnature @sheamoistureuk @sheamoisture 1 month ago