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2 hours ago

Got my game face on to face my last exam tomorrow which is honours mathematics too bad I got 26% in my last test and am more than likely going to get lower in this one #MathematicianMe #mathematicianme 2 days ago

Going into my chemistry exam this morning vs coming out of the exam.. 4 days ago

I cant 😂😂😂😂 5 days ago

Goodbye London until next time ✌🏼🤘🏼 6 days ago

What a beautiful hotel @claridgeshotel is💖. . Jumpsuit from @prettylittlething heels from @primark 6 days ago

Quick walk in Hyde Park before we catch our flight home🤘🏼 . . . Coat top & boots @zara . Tights @newlook . Skirt @topshop . Handbag @coach 6 days ago

How I spend 90% of my time smiling at things that arent even funny 🙄😂 6 days ago

Just here eyeing up this yummy menu at @temperlondon 😁🙌🏽 6 days ago

Just here topping up my @primark lippie in @claridgeshotel WOW what an experience 😫😳🙌🏽 6 days ago

Kew Gardens 🌱🌿🌲 1 week ago

Look at that leg definition thanks to @psharry1 use LucyFit for 10% off all his plans!😁 too bad my belly dont have as much muscle but hey Rome wasnt built in a day🤣😄🤘🏼 1 week ago

When in London wear whatever the hell you want!!😝 . . Had this outfit planned in my head for soooo long and couldnt think of a better place to wear it than strolling around London🤣 tap for outfit details 👀 1 week ago

More nights like this please 🖤 . . . Have you voted for my as the Rising Star of the Year in the Inglot Annual Awards?? You can vote as many times as you like the link is in my bio 👀🖤 1 week ago

Calling out all aspiring/beginner/self taught MUAs!😘 . . So the lovely @catherinehickeymakeupandhair kindly offered me a place to join her 8 week make up course but as you already know Ive barely time to sleep/breathe never mind commit myself to an 8 week course 🙂🙃😭 So Ive decided to give my place up for one of my lovely followers who is an aspiring/self taught/beginner MUA! You can be at any standard any age you can be anyone! These first 2 pics are me when I was 15 years old OBSESSED with make up I literally did my face at least once a day if not twice 😂 Looking back now I know I would have died at such an opportunity so that is why I want to give it to one of you 🙈 This course also includes a MAKE-UP KIT WORTH €300😍😍 . . To enter- follow myself and @catherinehickeymakeupandhair 💖 . Comment below why you deserve to win this amazing opportunity👀 . . The course starts this Sunday so I will be picking the winner Saturday morning😉 make sure you are available every Sunday for next 8 weeks too!😘 1 week ago

On behalf of myself and Gemma we would REALLY appreciate if you could vote for me as many times as you like.. once twice hundreds of times in the Annual Inglot Awards my category is Rising Star of the Year the link to vote is in my bio! theres only a few days left to vote I think but the awards itself isnt on until the 25th of March! So excited🙈☺️💖 . . The competition in my category is extremely tough Im up against some of the top names in the country its nerve wrecking not gonna lieeee👀 But to be even classified in the same category as some of them girls.. its crazy. I can honestly tell you that over two years ago when I was longing to become a beauty Influencer and before I actually set up my social medias I was looking following and watching all these girls such as @laudempseymua @keilidhmua @ellieekellyy @cchloelizabethh wishing and inspiring to be like them I absolutely adored/adore them! Now Im up for Rising Star of the Year amongst all these beauties and more?!🤣 SOMEONE PINCH ME😩😳 . . The link to vote is in my bio🤡 Also how can you say no to that pretty face??? *not using Gemma for votes I swurrrr* 1 week ago

Forever posting sorry 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1 week ago

My misses💖 1 week ago

I may look happy but I have exams starting tomorrow 1 week ago

Have you voted for me in Rising Star of the year in the Inglot Annual Awards??👀 the link is in my bio ❤️ 1 week ago