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Featured at the Annual Afropunk Festival - the work of Haitian photographer Zarita Zevallos whose recent series “Pariah” deals with the trauma of incarceration drawing links between modern captivity and slavery. Zevallos work has caught the eye of people across the country with his ability to deconstruct masculinity and delve deep into explorations of Black male intimacy. - Pariah seeks to explore the aftermath of mass incarceration and injustice and most importantly to chronicle the trauma and scars perpetuating within past prisoners. Photographed and edited by @infi_nerdy_ — #lunionsuite #haitian #afropunk #blackhistorymonth #afropunk #blackhistorymonth #lunionsuite #haitian 17 minutes ago

Did you see Black Panther? What was your favorite thing about the movie notice any Haiti similarities in the kingdom of Wakanda? 🙅🏽‍♀️🖤👑✊🏾 — Our Favorite T’Challa saw the Black women around him as equals. He didn’t have them lower themselves in order for him to feel worthy as king. #BlackPanther always looked to Shuri Nakia Okoye etc for leadership and support. — #lunionsuite #haitian #blackpanther #blackhistorymonth #wakandaforever #wakanda #wakandaforever #blackhistorymonth #wakanda #haitian #blackpanther #lunionsuite 33 minutes ago

Haitian Couple Create Magazine Save The Date With Haitian Vendors!! — “This is what happens when Haitians boss up! It’s time for us to have our own and invest in our kind. This save the date magazine was made by a Haitian bride to be @belletifievents pictures were taken by a Haitian photographer @avdpics featuring a Haitian couple!" — I wanted something different. I didn’t want an ordinary save the date because there is nothing ordinary about our love. I wanted something our guest would want to keep something that would tell them our love story details on the proposal how we met etc.. #Lunionsuite #Haitian #Haiti #Haitianamerican #Wedding #haiti #wedding #haitian #haitianamerican #lunionsuite 1 day ago

“Bayo Bayo” 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 Another dope song and video from @michaelbrun BAYO ft. @stronggofficial @bakypopile & @jperryofficial!! Haiti’s youth are the future. — #lunionsuite #haitian #haiti #music #haitianamerican #haiti #haitian #haitianamerican #music #lunionsuite 1 day ago

Black History Highlight!! - Patrick Gaspard is the Vice President of the Open Society Foundations. Prior to this role he was a key figure in U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration and held a number of prominent roles during the president’s two terms in office. - Gaspard was born in Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo in 1967 to Haitian parents who had heeded the call of Patrice Lumumba for francophone academics of African descent to settle in newly independent African states. Gaspard grew up in New York City and had a long career in electoral and campaign politics in the city. - After leaving Columbia University to join Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign Gaspard worked on David Dinkins’ successful bid to become the first African American mayor of New York City. A constant in New York political organizing thereafter Gaspard also served as Deputy Political Director for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in 2003 before returning to labor organizing where he eventually rose to Vice President and Political Director of Service Employees International Union. - In 2008 Gaspard joined Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign serving as National Political Director. Following the inauguration of President Obama Gaspard transitioned to direct the White House Office of Political Affairs from 2009 to 2011. Thereafter he served as Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee from 2011 to 2013 overseeing the party committee’s efforts to re-elect President Obama. Gaspard was subsequently appointed U.S. Ambassador to South Africa and served in this capacity from 2013 to 2016. - #lunionsuite #haitian #haitianamerican #barackobama #haitianamerican #barackobama #lunionsuite #haitian 1 day ago

Excited about the "Caribbean Women In Business" panel at Flourish this Friday! See You There! ✨ — You can purchase your tickets at @flourishmediaco bio. — Join Flourish Media Conference the only media conference with business funding for women. Friday & Saturday Feb 16-17 businesswomen and aspiring entrepreneurs will learn about branding visibility and business funding. Now is the time to make your daydream your day job. This 2nd annual conference addresses one driving effort connecting women with willing investors. ✨ 2 days ago

Swipe “Beach Gardens Lunch Mountains & Art” A Look at #OurHaitiTour2018 with @karencivil x @pierregarcon x @mrswanda ✨ 🏖🍹🌺💐💫🌴 — Thank you to @tourhaiti @marriotthaiti @wahoobaybeach @lesjardinsdumupanah @observatoirehaiti @haiti.discovery for making it a memorable vacay. — Check out our highlights for more from our trip. #lunionsuite #haitianamerican #haiti #haitian #haiti #ayiti #tourism #ourhaititour2018 #travel #karencivil #pierregarcon #pierregarcon #ourhaititour2018 #karencivil #haitian #ayiti #lunionsuite #tourism #haiti #haitianamerican #travel 2 days ago

A couple of days ago we reported Flav from Gabel was looking for the woman with 3 kids in school who lost everybody in the Iron Market Fire to take care of the tuition for her children for the rest of the year. We are happy to say he found her. ❤️👏🏾❤️ We are still on and off the phone with people in Haiti trying to figure out how to help a few others. If you know a group working on helping the vendors directly please reach out to us. — #lunionsuite #haiti #haitian #ironmarket #ayiti #ironmarket #haiti #haitian #ayiti #lunionsuite 2 days ago

Meet Georgia women’s basketball player Stephanie Paul. In Stephanies room lies the Haitian flag hanging on by the window. The flag represents her heritage and is kept there to remind herself of where her family came from Croix-des-Bouquets. The flag carries the dream her father had when he came to the United States in 1982. That dream was to have his children live a successful life while holding true to their past. — Paul is a sophomore forward for the Georgia women’s basketball team carries her Haitian culture with her anywhere she goes. — She grew up in Naples where she is the youngest of nine siblings. There is a 25-year age gap from Paul’s oldest sibling to her. “Haitian Sensation” is one of the many nicknames Paul has but this one was given to her by Georgia women’s basketball assistant coach Robert Mosley. The nickname embodies all the qualities that Paul carries with her because she always represents Haiti and she always carries a smile on her face. — As a sophomore Paul continues to be a key player for the No. 18 Georgia women’s basketball team and she scored a career-high 18 points in an 81-52 win over Vanderbilt on Jan. 4. - Source Red and Black — #lunionsuite #haitian #sports #basketball #haitianamerican #basketball #sports #haitian #haitianamerican #lunionsuite 3 days ago