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been livin’ my best life with ya the past year and a half!! ❣️ 1 day ago

my lil diva pup ✨ 6 days ago

21 21 21 happy birthday to my bestest friend!!!! shoutout to the 32% of my followers that voted us annoying. love to love you!!!! 1 week ago

who’s next!!! #fambam 👩‍👧‍👧 #fambam 1 week ago

sunsets over the ocean sunsets over college park 2 weeks ago

she’s a super freak 🎶 2 weeks ago

anotha one with my froooomie✨ 3 weeks ago

piggies!!! 1 month ago

jokes over u can come back now 1 month ago

will I ever stop reminiscing on my trip to the Bahamas? Probably not 👋🏻 1 month ago

82° 22° 1 month ago

// 2 months ago

smiling because instead of a birthday cake i was given a tower of McDonalds hamburgers and chicken nuggets 2 months ago

livin our best lives 2 months ago

feeling extra thankful today 3 months ago

hey stranger 3 months ago