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Playing mouse trap with this little mouse and feeling so happy old school board games and family game nights can still happen. We are on day #4 of this kid being sick and out of school. She’s taking it way better than me #quinneloise #mousetrap #quinnswinterfun2018 #mousetrap #quinneloise #4 #quinnswinterfun2018 3 days ago

Quinn makes 8 look great! Happiest of birthdays to my girl. This last year has thrown a lot of unexpected changes your way and you have shown us just how much you have grown and matured in the way you have dealt with them. You believe in unicorns. You dream of being a fashion designer. You love your people with all your heart and they love you back. I cant remember what life was like without you. May this next trip around the sun be as magical as you. xoxo 1 week ago

How is it possible my Quinn turns 8 years old in less than two hours?? This time 8 years ago I went to bed anticipating the next day. Tonight after an emotional week in our school/community I’m feeling so very grateful for these amazing 7+ years with my sassy spunky kind-hearted empathetic and totally awesome Quinn. She’s all I ever wanted and even more than I ever imaged. #quinneloise #quinneloiseturns8 #quinnswinterfun2018 #happybirthday #quinneloiseturns8 #happybirthday #quinneloise #quinnswinterfun2018 1 week ago

To quote William Shakespeare “Though she be but little she is fierce.” That quote sums up this little girl to a T. She has very strong feelings about what is right and wrong believes everyone should be treated the same no matter what and she gives me an incredible sense of hope for our future #internationalwomensday #quinneloise #girlsrock #quinnswinterfun2018 #shesthefuture #internationalwomensday #girlsrock #quinneloise #quinnswinterfun2018 #shesthefuture 1 week ago

There are those moments in life when you realize how lucky you are. I’ve had so many of those moments in the almost 8 years Quinn came into our life. When I think of the parents who have lost their children in some kind of senseless way I lose it. At the end of a long work day I’m tired and lack patience but I’m always grateful to come home to this face. I’m heartbroken because a mother and father in Quinn’s school tragically lost their 4 year old daughter yesterday. I’ve spent all of today in a bit of a fog but came home and watched movies and shows said yes to extra snacks and am about to snuggle her extra big #quinneloise #quinneloiseturns8 #beyondgrateful #quinnswinterfun2018 #weareps282 #beyondgrateful #weareps282 #quinneloise #quinnswinterfun2018 #quinneloiseturns8 1 week ago