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Snu 2 weeks ago

Stic 2 months ago

This may look over-edited but it expresses how little I care 6 months ago

Back when summer was cool. πŸ“·@math_queen314 8 months ago

Prolly the only thing that I enjoyed making in art class this year 8 months ago

Sehr dank 9 months ago

Finn is a smol pupper 11 months ago

Light... 11 months ago

Puppers 11 months ago

You became a king πŸ‘‘ @edubhiphop Rip you legend // 1 year ago

Red Robin is the best thing to happen to this state 1 year ago

I miss water winter needs to die 1 year ago

2 hours ago

Im Gonna miss you baby girl 1 year ago

2 hours ago

πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ 1 year ago

2 hours ago

Bought the puppy a new toy if you cant tell she loves it 2 years ago

2 hours ago