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Do u like her contacts? 6 hours ago

have u ever seen a llama? 😂 8 hours ago

do u wear watches? 11 hours ago

Sushi💗 have u ever had it? 21 hours ago

what are your eyes? 1 day ago

lipstick or eyeshadow? 1 day ago

sunset or sunrise? 2 days ago

would u get her tattoo? 3 days ago

do u own something from ck? 3 days ago

do u wear chokers? 4 days ago

Friday😍 salads or soups? 5 days ago

what time ? 5 days ago

Do u have a TV in ur room?✨ 6 days ago

iPhone or Samsung? 6 days ago

gn🌙 1 week ago

Netflix or YouTube? 1 week ago

so u live close to the sea ? 1 week ago

shower or bath? 1 week ago

do u have Facebook? 1 week ago

do u own something from adidas ? 1 week ago