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what’s your best friend’s name? 1 hour ago

do u live close to the beach? 1 day ago

What’s ur lucky number 🍀 1 day ago

Her top yah or nah? 2 days ago

Where is ur dream honeymoon❤️ 2 days ago

what’s your fav day of the week? 3 days ago

Kendall or Kylie🥀 3 days ago

sunset or sunrise? 4 days ago

Ketchup or mayo? 5 days ago

what phone do u have? 5 days ago

Dogs or cats? 5 days ago

did u guys see the Winter Olympics?❄️🙌😩❤️ 5 days ago

her nails yay or nah? 6 days ago

what’s the last thing u ate? 6 days ago

Comment the weather in emojis 1 week ago

Happy late Valentine’s day❤️ did u have a valentine? 1 week ago

her outfit wear or tear? 1 week ago

Ur battery % is how likely ur crush likes u back😂 comment below❤️ 1 week ago

her top yay or nah? 1 week ago

do u wear or watches? 1 week ago