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Happy Holi 2 All.. 2 weeks ago

Happy Valentines Day to every1 ❤ Love yourself ur Life and Special peoples in it.. bcz evry1 needs some1 at every moment of Life.. 1 month ago

31st.. one of last selfie in 2017 2 months ago

GuRu. Randhawa. rocks it..😎🎶🎵 3 months ago

caption?? No need.. 3 months ago

Jaat tera king.. Fav1 ~ Hii RateD GabRu 7 months ago

Ths memories 4evr.. Grt time spent.. 8 months ago

Where Words Fail.. Music Speaks.. 9 months ago

latepost/lastnight* 9 months ago

Clg frndzz#@lways special#Cafe time.. #cafe 10 months ago

B.Day selfie.. 1 year ago

2 hours ago

Hot Summ£r/ Made mE w£ar my RAyban alwAys.. 1 year ago

2 hours ago