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Thats right! Tune in to @fm91.official at 8pm today to hear a fantastic conversation with @farisdotkhalid on his show #radiocircus - should be some nutty stuff! #radiocircus 1 day ago

@sarahkhanofficial and I were kicking it on set today. Man it was a long day today thats my excuse for that tired face of mine. 5 days ago

You mean to tell me that you did that knowing the repercussions? Youre a smart one arent you?! Man behind the camera @humayunmemon This guys a monster photographer. 1 week ago

No filter. No sound. No nonsense. Just a whole lot of sukoon. #sundayvibes #sundayvibes 1 week ago

I dont know why I wasnt able to do a proper repost but thanks @ahmedalibutt for sharing this... We NEED to talk about sex and everything related to it. And its only because we dont talk about it that horrible things end up happening to children and in some cases adults. #justiceforzainab mazaaq nahi hai. Yeh har waqt hota hai bohot afsoos ki baat hai aur intehaa hoti hai. Hadd hoti hai. Share this with new parents old parents your parents AND with the single people both men and women because one day they may become parents too. #breakthetaboo #forgodssake #justiceforzainab #breakthetaboo #forgodssake 1 week ago

@natashaoninsta coming up with her super cool song GOD IN ME directed by the fantastic #aradjunejo and a sexy appearance by @kashie_h Give me some feedback on this song and video guys. #godinme #natashaejaz #ihavecoolfriends #aradjunejo #ihavecoolfriends #godinme #natashaejaz 1 week ago

On one side you have the car losing its mind on the other hand the wardrobe dude had some Bollywood song playing from his phone to the MEGAPHONE... Like why? WHY SO MUCH MADNESS?! WHY?! #dayan #humtv #shitswild #everyoneslostit #dayan #shitswild #humtv #everyoneslostit 2 weeks ago

Its a night out to do all sorts of music stuff - part 1. 1 month ago

Go on caption it. No restrictions - GO WILD. Ill use the best caption on this boomerang... Not too wild though my moms on Instagram. 🤷 1 month ago

@zhalay youre my 500th post on Instagram. Yippiee-ki-yay **!!! We finally met on set of a project were working on for the past few months now. #weirdshit #actingshit #itmademehappy #itmademehappy #actingshit #weirdshit 1 month ago

YO!!! Im told its an intense episode of #darsijatihaisila - you guys watching it? Whats happening?! I missed it! #darsijatihaisila 1 month ago

Control yourself dont move dont blink dont even breathe. You are the owner you are the master you will... Dammit! #life #life 1 month ago