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Learning to trust God is so much harder when His kids dont represent Him well. But God. None of us are perfect. We will be forgiven and judged according to the measure we forgive and judge others. He will never leave nor forsake us even if everyone else does. Things dont always look the way we think they should and sometimes have a hard time making sense of anything feeling around in the dark but hold tight. Choose love anyway. This too shall pass and He will turn it all around for your good if you love Him and let Him. Joy comes in the morning. So do His new mercies every day. Grateful for Gods mercy in my life today. #lovewins #lovewins 2 weeks ago

Shalom 3 weeks ago

Sometimes you just need a hug. #ilovelove #ilovelove 1 month ago

Thank you @savinginnocence for existing and for an amazing evening! I promise to do my part to fight against human trafficking as long as it still exists!!! I had a great week painting the town red! Thank you to all of my amazing friends who have stood by me through the good and bad times this past few years especially. #savinginnocence #LA #PaintingTheTownRed #LoveWins #paintingthetownred #lovewins #la #savinginnocence 1 month ago

Happy 70th Bday Mary & Keith! 1 month ago

Ridin dirty... 1 month ago

Yes! Lol. I need one of these! 1 month ago

Consuming Fire. I burn for You. ----- Hebrews 1229 ----- // 2 months ago

Who needs a man? Or Valentines Day? Happy weekend to me! ๐Ÿ˜œ 2 months ago

We live for moments like these dont we? This is what life is all about. Love and being loved. We are all here learning to love each other and how to be loved/receive love - not with control or manipulation but with healthy boundaries that keep the "bad" out and the "good" in. Though you may never have a "father / daughter dance" moment look for and appreciate moments of deep love and connection between you and others. Theres nothing like pure unselfish real love. God is love. In Him we live and move and have our very "being" of existence. We may not have a picture perfect moment like this to cherish but He can encounter us with love a myriad of other special ways we can be grateful for. Look for love today and everyday moving forward in every relationship and cherish every morsel you get! Youre not entitled to anything. I pray for all of those who dont have enough healthy loving relationships in their lives to be surrounded by love and encouragement. I pray God would remove the wrong people and hand pick the right ones who will love and cherish you. I pray He gives you wisdom and discernment for navigating through those relationships and that He would teach you how to forgive fast love hard and keep it moving. We will not stay down. We refuse to be victims. Love is a choice and it wins every time you choose it. A lot of things fail in life but love never does. Forgive those who hurt you as God forgives you of your junk and try to stop fault finding and criticizing and judging everyone who doesnt do things the way "you would" or the way you would like them to. Stop getting so offended and choose real love. It wins. Try it. LETS GO LOVE ARMY ITS TIME FOR A LOVE REVALUATION! Lets go lets go lets go! The power of love conquers ALL! #LoveArmy #loverevolution #lovewins WIN !!! ----- Congrats Braidyn on your wedding darling! What a beautiful bride!! Uncle Jo letting go is never easy but dont worry God hears your prayers and has good plans for our kids too! Sis thanks for the photo and the love. Sorry I missed it I am praying for yall!! Xoxoxoxo #lovearmy #loverevolution #lovewins 2 months ago

California dreamin.. 3 months ago

LA traffic makes you feel like.. 3 months ago

See you again soon Toronto .. 3 months ago

No one celebrates Canada Day weekend like you grandma! I hope Im as awesome as you at 84 years young!! ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ#happycanadadayweekend #happycanadadayweekend 4 months ago

Hey Mickey youre so fine.. ๐ŸŽถ 5 months ago

on the road again.. 5 months ago

Holy cow thats close. 5 months ago

The battlefield really is in the mind. Dont be passive. Take your thoughts captive and win. 5 months ago

Its been a minute Ive posted. Been a little distracted working on some fun stuff! Lots of great things in the works. Thought Id stop and say helloooo Hope youre having a blessed day!! 6 months ago