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Dynamic Duo receiving the call up to blast some heads with fellow team mates. Yet another great session to build the "team life" and bring us closer together as a fam. - Over a period of a year our team has expanded so much not physically but in terms of manpower. And it will just keep growing bigger! #augustineseahandpartners have now #teamclems #teamnatty #teameddymon Maybe soon #teamcaptphoon as we move towards hiring our next wave of aspiring individuals. DM us to know more ya #PAINball #me #army #team #soldier #teamclems #teamcaptphoon #augustineseahandpartners #teamnatty #team #teameddymon #army #painball #soldier #me 2 days ago

Thank you Boss for Team Batmans round table lunch treat. ✌️ second treat already! Yummy yummy and high in calories. Need to continue working even harder to get more free lunches! 🌮🥘🍰Thank you to all friends and clients who are in this journey with me. Looking forward to more joining me in this journey. 👀 🙆🙆‍♂️ . So glad that so many of my fellow team mates are producing at the Top 1% of the world standards for the month of September. To the Top together ok Team Batman. 💪🏿 . #me #fat #thankyoulaoban #top1% #fat #me #thankyoulaoban #top1 1 month ago

Thank you A-Team for the synergy within the team to constantly give my best in my work. I may not be the best yet but I will work even harder to get to where I want to be. To the TOP together ok A team!💪 - Thank you to all my clients for entrusting me to plan your financial portfolio configurations and taking the first step to do something about it.😊✌️ - Have you started? If not you can DM Captain Phoon 📞98344661☎️ #me #Workhard #financialplanning #fatboy #joinme #fatboy #me #workhard #financialplanning #joinme 1 month ago

Thanks for the memories little Cherry 🍒! . Have always wanted to re-create the photo i took with you since you were a baby and keep telling myself. "Never mind soon soon. Can always do it anytime". Now no more chance already. Cherish lives and act on things fast before it is too late. ie meet me for coffee to plan your financial portfolio.✌️ . Ending off Hope you are in a place full of dog treats and food cos you seem to be always hungry miss you little doge 🐶 . #me #dog #shitzu #10years #dog #me #shitzu #10years 1 month ago

Life will constantly bring you down like the weights. But sometimes during these down times is when you learned who will be there for you when you really need who will be there just to kaypoh who there to learn more about you to use it against you and who will never be around. . Im glad I am having the right support and the help during this phase . Rest a while drink some water and go kick the floor harder. One more. One more. One more....... . #me #gym #ocs #ocs #gym #me 1 month ago

Hitting Mid-Year Incentives with my team mates means a lot to me. Looking at the amount of delicious food which I can bring myself and my mum to eat! Yayy!!!! . Thanks to all who made it possible. You know who you are check your mailbox soon for some treats ok! 📦📪 . Lai lai. Who else want some?💰💰 . #me #dynamicduo #vouchers #augustineseahandpartners #augsteam #dynamicduo #augsteam #vouchers #me #augustineseahandpartners 1 month ago

The Dynamic-Duo is out to conquer! 👬Double-shot coffee Double the fun Double the delight when youve gotten your finances sorted! Cya at Causeway Point MacDonalds! 🍟 #dynamicduo #me #dynamicduo #me 2 months ago

To the many who wondered what happened this week to me . After gymming I booked a grab home and because the grab will only arrive in 6-7mins. I decided hey why not do one more set of biceps curls to burn some time. The minute I grab the bar I heard this super loud thunder "ping pong piang". Scroll the photos to see what happened. . Gosh if the grab was arriving in 2 mins. I would have ran out of the gym and maybe just nice... And ALSO lucky it was biceps not triceps curls if not similar I would have move to the area where the ceiling collapse. . Just want to pause a while and thank all the people who have been and are still in my life. Because you shaped me and transform me into who I am today for if that shit knock on my head I am sure my thin hair cannot save my skull from cracking and I probably lose all my memories even if I survive. . If you didnt realised it doesnt matter whether you have b-cup thick chest coconut delts 🌴 or 30-inches thick arms. Because if that shit fall on anyones head probably kena coma or even death. Because there are no exercise for your face. . SO BUY YOUR INSURANCE BECAUSE WE CANNOT DECIDE WHEN WILL THE NEXT CEILING COLLAPSE! #me #gym #seventhmonthchu15 #gym #me #seventhmonthchu15 2 months ago

To the one person 20% that impacted my university life 80% be it in terms of studies and gunning for our As or rowing like dog or job search. Thank you for everything! . HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON YOUR BIG DAY. . To many more races and events together. From SIM to SIM ALUMNI. 🐉🐲🛶🎊🎉🎁🎈 #me #dragonboat #leoofmylife #leoofmylife #me #dragonboat 3 months ago

While everyone was busy cutting through the waves last weekend I was busy trying to get handsome doge to look at the camera . On a side note congrats SIM for sweeping the PMC 2017 and bringing both dragons back. #me #dragonboat #husky #dog #husky #me #dragonboat #dog 4 months ago

Sometimes I hope my mum will stop giving me savage replies I was telling her I eating lesser because I cannot see my jawline already and she replied "Last time you got jawline meh?" 😔 . Oh well . As I see the amount of wrinkles on my mum face and her white hair I think she need to go for more facial. Alright just kidding. Just kind of feeling blessed to be able to spend time eating lunch with this fetty Mummy Phoon in the midst of a busy and packed week 👩‍👦👩. Love u mum though you keep feeding me when I am alreadt fet. . #twoahpuis #me #leoofmylife #leoofmylife #me #twoahpuis 5 months ago

Finally the day has came where I get to wear and throw my square cap up in the air. . Warning a really long thank you post ahead. . First and foremost I would like to thank God for bringing me through this journey of my life. Pushing me to my limits and really testing my capacity! . Next would be my parents for providing me the support. But of course the greatest and biggest woman behind my journey would be my cute little fat snorlax mummy phoon whose persistent level is the highest i seen in my life. Forever coming in to check on me and giving me the support emotionally spiritually financially. Just have to keep asking and asking if I am okay and never giving me pressure to score As. - This is for you Mummy Phoon ❤️❤️👩👩. I Hope my grades and other achievements in school have made you a proud Mother. I will continue to do so and work hard in all areas of my life so you can retire and I can get you all the food FLESH seafood you want even though your clothes getting a bit tighter. - To the greatest woman on this Earth the Queen of my life thank you Mummy Phoon. Love you mum. - Oh and thanks for making the flowers so nice that it complements my mum and I. @amyt.fleur . #leoofmylife #me #studentathlete #school #twoahpuis #school #studentathlete #twoahpuis #leoofmylife #me 7 months ago

Thank you boss for your patience and guidance through the last few months and grooming me into a better person all the endless odd timing calls and recommended reading discussion. . Though this is the first milestone that I achieved I will continue to go for more and give this company a run for their money. . To more gains like gaining extra chin and rounder face! Jkjk. I will keep striving harder to reach the top and aim further and bigger than what I should be and to grow more as an individual not grow sideways but as a person. . After so much ramblings just want to say a big thank you again. . #me #work #twoahpuis #leoofmylife #work #leoofmylife #me #twoahpuis 8 months ago

Rivals in water Friends/running buddy/ brothers on land Kind of miss this type of sportsmanship Maybe see you on the water soon again? . On a side note January was a pretty satisfying month for both of us. Thanks for being my running buddy and chionging with me through this month. From the endless hours of canvassing in the day to hitting the gym after that at 12midnight. . Oh and get your personal accident plans $0.50/day and u can claim from going TCM just like my shoulders . To an even bigger month. Lets do it! Lai la ki ah pia ah chiong ah huat ah! . #me #dragonboat #pmcupchampion2016leftpacer #work #muscles #gains #pmcupchampion2016leftpacer #gains #work #me #dragonboat #muscles 9 months ago

From strangers to more than friends. . The beauty of this job is you get to meet many people everyday and being able to forge many genuine and sincere relationships. . Glad to have bumped into you during my prospecting . #work #me #yourfriendlyagentnextdoor #work #yourfriendlyagentnextdoor #me 9 months ago

It has started . 📷 @creativenatty . #me #work #work #me 10 months ago

To everyone who just started your new year . Keep working hard! And RUN. . #me #movie #movie #me 10 months ago

201-7。 . 2015 was bad 2016 was even worse . When life keep going down the only way out is to go up. And not only up but higher than where I was previously. 2017 here I come. Phoon phoon lai liao . #me #louisvuitton #0101 #0101 #louisvuitton #me 10 months ago