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Crazy guys. 1 hour ago

Dresses and pictures ooowwweeeee! 18 hours ago

Khoobsurat aurat! @sabrinafurqan 2 days ago

And here I am wondering... when? When will I get to taste that chicken nugget that’s being fried in a McDonalds kitchen somewhere in Karachi.. when? 4 days ago

All natural! With the dog filter ofcourse. 🙃 6 days ago

Umm.. hi. 1 week ago

Absolutely love my outfits in #Mahetamam #mahetamam 1 week ago

When the table keeps cracking jokes. 1 week ago

At #masalatv 11th anniversary! Wearing @aishaalamofficial #masalatv 1 week ago

This make up was so on point that I didn’t even bother taking it off even after the shoot. @rajankhokarofficial you’re a magician! 1 week ago

Some sibling conversation with Umair bhai @emmadirfani #mahetamam #mahetamam 1 week ago

Do you like my hair and make up? Well guess what? My buddy @iambabarzaheer did it and he nailed it. ❤️❤️❤️ #mahetamam #mahetamam 1 week ago

I love her! Became so close within few days! Love you aapa! ❤️❤️❤️ @leylazuberi #mahetamam #saleemabegum #Shifa #mahetamam #saleemabegum #shifa 2 weeks ago

Gang. @nafaydurrany @areeb23 2 weeks ago

Happy birthday khoobsurat aurat! I wish I was as beautiful as you are! Meri billi ankho wali pyaari maa! My inspiration my life my everything! I am here because of you and your support and your immense love. Love you mama. Meri dil ki dharkan! ❤️❤️❤️ 2 weeks ago

You will forever be my lifeline. Love you brother! My precious! ❤️ @areeb23 2 weeks ago

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

I like this picture so much that I decided to upload it. My watermelon ears though ❤️ 3 weeks ago