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“Thoughts are slow and deep and golden in the morning.” -John Steinbeck Tortilla Flat- - 📷@alxsndrx - @sarabelkk 1 day ago

A simple epicurean philosophy. - 📷 @alxsndrx - @sarabelkk 1 week ago

La poesie est dans la rue on couleur pleine de vie.☀️ - 📷@judit_fit - @sarabelkk 4 weeks ago

We are only a moment. - Em podria currar més les fotos? Sí però mira. 1 month ago

I like cats Led Zeppelin and mangoes💛 - 📷 @guillegomis - @sarabelkk 1 month ago

This is my skin. This is not your skin yet you are still under it. This is about my body & my hands & my hands touching my body. & maybe thats all a monster is A body thats survived. - @sarabelkk 1 month ago

B E H A P P Y☀️ - 📷@judit_fit - @sarabelkk 1 month ago

Lets get coffee someday☀️ - 📷@judit_fit - @sarabelkk 1 month ago

"Everyone gets that picture" said a woman while it was being taken. - 📷@alxsndrx - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

70 2223 4351 764S - 📷@alxsndrx - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

📷@alxsndrx - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

You are made of stars. - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

You look so cool. - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

Its been raining all day long so heres a more sumerish pic 😉☀️ - 📷 @daltonicrainbow @albertossh - - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

"How can I relate to somebody who doesnt speak?" I feel like Im just treading water. -The 1975 - While I posted this pic I was listening to The 1975 thats why😌 - 📷 @judit_fit - @sarabelkk 2 months ago

📷 @judit_fit _ @sarabelkk 2 months ago

I was trying to watch Bojack Horseman but my Internet doesnt allow me to do so so heres a picture of myself being weird 😌 ________________________________________________ 📷@judit_fit ________________________________________________ @sarabelkk 3 months ago

Feeling good about being in your own skin is so important. ✨ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📷 la fabulosa i secsissima @judit_fit ________________________________________________ @sarabelkk 3 months ago