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Dad 2 weeks ago

No context 2 weeks ago

I’m sleepy 3 weeks ago

I’m back 3 weeks ago

I’m grounded so I can’t be on for a while. Sorry guys 1 month ago

Yo why tf this look like a bitch I know 1 month ago

Credit to whoever made this. This is funny af 1 month ago

Sorry if I scared you 1 month ago

No context lmao 1 month ago

I’m feeling a little better but still kinda sad. I love all the people who are supporting me. I know I’m absolute shit but it means so much. 1 month ago

Her eyes are as bright as a shooting star across the night sky. Her hair as many different s as a rainbow. Her love as sweet as honey over ice cream. But parting hurts more than a knife down the spine. I’m sorry. 1 month ago

Update still hope I fucking die 1 month ago

I’m done with life. I won’t do anything but I’m just done. I wish I could restart. I hate everything including myself. 1 month ago

I’m gonna jump off a fucking bridge I swear to god I’m just fucking done with my life. 1 month ago

Happy birthday Evan 1 month ago

Gonna jump off a brodge 1 month ago

This is me singing Te Way I Tend To Be by @frankturner 1 month ago

To all those harmed or affected by the shooting I promise that my mind and my heart and all of my love go to you and hope for change in this fucking world. No one deserves what you are going through and if you ever need anything I am always here. I love all of you. 💝💖❤️💖💝💖❤️ 1 month ago

H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E S D A Y 1 month ago