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I heard you guys like denim looks? 1 day ago

New autumn OOTD 🍂 4 days ago

Breakfast time in Lausanne. Have a nice day everybody! 😊👍🏻 6 days ago

She wears strength and darkness equally well this girl has always been half goddess half hell. 1 week ago

Pretending its summer but the pic is actually 3 months old 😅 1 week ago

These two... ☺️ 1 week ago

Found this hidden treasure in Venice. 2 weeks ago

We are 10’000! THANK YOU everyone for being a part!!! 🍾 2 weeks ago

When love is not madness it is not love. 😁 2 weeks ago

Back with a new post from Venice after a short stay in the hospital. 2 weeks ago

Ponte dei Sospiri Seufzerbrücke 🇮🇹 3 weeks ago

First pictures ✔️ Breakfast ✔️ Next more pictures! 3 weeks ago

Back again! Thanks to @omega for the next trip to this beautiful town. 3 weeks ago

Cuddle time with my little family 😊 3 weeks ago

Be brave the Lamas are coming 😱💦 4 weeks ago

Bye Savognin see you soon! 👋🏻 4 weeks ago

When bae says "you can pick only one!" 🎃 1 month ago

You know shes a keeper if she makes you breakfast. 😋 1 month ago

Looking for the next eating spot 😋😄 1 month ago