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The bag was a little weird this month but the products are AMAZING 🤩♥️ 1 hour ago

I miss all these not so little ones so much. It’s been four years since I directed the middle school play and most of these kids are now close to graduating. It’s just crazy how fast time flies 😭😭 #ThrowbackThursday #throwbackthursday 1 day ago

My grandma said he looked cold so she sat down and knitted him a sweater. Omg 😭 1 week ago

Yeah so my grandma got a dog and named it Paco. Happy 2018 🐶 2 weeks ago

Late Christmas picture cuz LOOK AT HIM 😭❤️ 2 weeks ago

Been two years since I dyed my hair and I figured purple was an appropriate change 💜 2 weeks ago