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Gonna play some fortnite 1 week ago

Hi I’m smoking coke 1 month ago

WARNINGheadphone users screech alert 1 month ago

Wtf 1 month ago

Happy Super Bowl 1 month ago

Which one is fake 1 month ago

I’m bored af someone HMU 1 month ago

I’m gonna get my phone fixed so don’t send me anything 1 month ago

Happy national popcorn day 1 month ago

Just got the iPhone 8 2 months ago

My best gift this year 2 months ago

You will be missed R.I.P AGP 3 months ago

His food is almost the size of his head 3 months ago

He falls asleep in my hand. so cute. 🦎😴 3 months ago

Just was confirmed 4 months ago

Vote guys put 📱for Apple phones or 🤖 for Samsung phones 4 months ago

He just to cute 4 months ago

Lols 4 months ago

What we are doing in English 5 months ago

When you really need the internet but this happens 5 months ago