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I cant put into words how thankful I am to have these people as my parents. They have supported me in all my crazy adventures flying to Texas New York Toronto Florida & the Bahamas AND now Japan. Thank you for helping me create unforgettable memories here! I love you both to the moon ❤️ 1 week ago

Do you think the Tokugawa shogunate liked matcha lattes too? 🍵🤔 2 weeks ago

Oh how I love you fall 🍁 2 weeks ago

So thankful to be spending Thanksgiving in Japan with these crazies. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you Lord for my wonderful life 🙌 2 weeks ago

Just a couple of goons at Disneyland 3 weeks ago

Awww Biiiig Buddha Big Buddha Big Buddha. Aw yeah Big Buddha. 3 weeks ago

Do the noodle dance 💃🏻 1 month ago

Because we havent seen much from my girl Sue recently ❤️ 1 month ago

Happy Birthday to this beautiful minion/angel singer goddess!! #pocasforlife #DCLtoTDR #pocasforlife #dcltotdr 1 month ago

Patriarchy you better back up 💪 1 month ago

N I K K O ⛩ 1 month ago

H A P P Y 🎃 H A L L O W E E N 1 month ago

Everybody wants to be a cat because a cats the only cat who knows where its at 🐈 1 month ago

An afternoon w/ Harry² ❤️ 1 month ago

When you have 5 more months of not needing to look like your headshot 💇🏻 #snipsnip Thank you @piahairsalontokyo for the new look ✨ #snipsnip 1 month ago

I still cannot believe we both live in Japan. What is life?? I love you Allie-Cat 🍷 2 months ago