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I’m stopping the day challenge. I just don’t want my life to be out there and way too TMI for you guys. 7 hours ago

Darn Allie I thought we were friends.... @allieee_77 1 day ago

Day 6 ‘30 Random Facts About Myself’ 1. I play two instruments. 2. I am vegetarian. 3. I live with 3 cats. 4. I like internet memes. 5. I have a terrible addiction to YouTube. 6. I am against the dog filter. 7. I have a YouTube Channel. 8. I am in my school’s Select Chorus. 9. I eat crackers a lot. 10. I am anti-mint #nomints. 11. I’m scared to death about getting Sleep Paralysis. 12. I think that Brussel Sprouts taste good. 13. Broccoli is one of my favorite foods. 14. My birthday is in April. 15. My locker is right next to someone who share multiple interests with me. 16. I like drawing. 17. I am OBSESSED with abandoned places. 18. I can tap dance. 19. I can get 5 spins in a row if I’m trying. 20. Pre-Algebra is the easiest subject right next to English. 21. I mostly watch animation YouTubers. 22. I’m happy that Team 10 is starting to split. 23. I really didn’t like most of YouTube Rewind. 24. I have oil pastels but I don’t know how to use them. 25. I have a mini Declaration of Independence next to me rn. 26. I wake up at 6am. 27. I have a brother. 28. I like blankets. 29. I like rain. 30. Finally I laugh A LOT. #nomints 2 days ago

Day 5 “Have You Ever Thought About Ending Your Own Life?” Nah I’m actually quite happy with where I am now. 3 days ago

Day 4 My Views on Religion. Believe in whatever you want. Your religion is important to you. Just don’t force it on other people and we will be fine. 4 days ago

Day 3 Your views on Drugs and Alcohol. Don’t do drugs. No underage drinking. If you do be ready to get arrested. Edit I only want to see you using recreational marijuana if you live in ado. 5 days ago

Woohoo discord... @emojimovie 5 days ago

Day 2 Where would I like to be in 10 Years. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••.In 10 Years I would like to have completed college or come close to completing college. 6 days ago

Imma do dis. Day 1 ‘The Single Life the Musical’ Sung to ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’ I am too young to date. I don’t think it is great. I hope l don’t get hate. Is it weird well I’m not talking to you. I hate people who think it’s serious. I think they are delirious. You are only 10 Please act your gosh darn age I think better I think smarter than all you ‘wannabes’ I don’t really think that you’re twenty Stop acting like you’re the cheese Make a list gotta mark stuff off OOO I’m really a fool What did I do I’m sorry don’t report me I’m not some Brittney Spears eee OOO I am really bad Please don’t get mad I like being single I get my own food Bing ding re ma moo 6 days ago

New upload! WOOHOO 1 week ago

Working on a YouTube video! 1 week ago

Demi Lovato released a new version of Sorry Not Sorry 1 week ago