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When you want a normal friendship and then you end up with an amazing person who will send you some funny stuff. Thanks @galaxy_unicorn514 for being the coolest friend ever. #doggo #doggo 1 hour ago

I accidentally went into the Calamity Ganon part of the castle and I started freaking out because I don’t think that I am ready for the game to end. Stats wise yes I probably am ready but I don’t want to let go of this place. #botw #lozbotw #loz #botw #lozbotw #loz 6 days ago

I was a weird weeb once. 6 days ago

Why is everybody in this small art community so sad all the time? We all need to sit down take a sip of apple juice and discuss our differences in a civilized manner. 6 days ago

Ok so this girl does YouTube and I wanted to rewatch a bunch of her videos. They are all gone. Does anyone know why? Also does anyone know her Instagram handle??? Idk her videos were cool I hope I have the right person. 1 week ago

I can’t draw or animate so here have some F I L L E R material. 1 week ago

Ok there was a school dance and a bunch of stuff happened. @galaxy_unicorn514 made this to sum it all up. #marissaisaunicorn #marissaisaunicorn 2 weeks ago

Contest winners!! 1st- @technorainbow1212 2nd- @valleywinddoodle 3rd- @asher_james_a and @8o_sara_o8 Honorable mentions!! @poeticmurderiouscat @beefandcheeseandletteyuce I loved every single entry so much that I am printing them all out and putting them on my wall! Every entry was stunning and there was so much creativity in each piece!! Thank you everyone who entered!!!! If you got any of the places DM me those OCs. I will try to get them done in the next week. For full pictures of the entries check out my highlights or story. #pribisaweirdo #pribisaweirdo 2 weeks ago!!! This is a JOKE animation it’s not supposed to look high quality. #musically #musically 2 weeks ago

This is an OC that I have been working for the last week trying to develop her character to not be a Mary Sue. 2 weeks ago

@arbys reallllly knows what people want to see in advertising. Seriously. Whoever runs their advertising on Instagram can we be friends? I can’t even eat at Arby’s and I’m following them just to see what video game or anime they put near their food. #arbysanime #arbysvideogames #arbysmarketingteam #arbysmarketingteam #arbysanime #arbysvideogames 3 weeks ago

Memes and random pics 3 weeks ago

Yeet. I drew Link from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Does anybody know how to get a picture from ArtRage lite onto Instagram? Please tell me if you know. #lozbotw #lozbotw 4 weeks ago

Oof 1 month ago


I decided to do an art contest!! Yay!!! So just draw a picture of my persona and put it under the hashtag #pribisaweirdo 1st Place- Full body of any OC + Head of an OC 2nd Place- Full body of an OC 3rd Place- Head of any OC Everybody else will get a shoutout on my YouTube and on my Instagram. RULES 1. Nothing NSFW 2. Please don’t complain if you don’t win this is just for fun. 3. If you are going to do gore please attempt to keep it minimal. 4. If you don’t think it’s appropriate ask me first. Contest ends February 5th. Good luck! Also if you don’t want to post it just DM me. Though posting it would give everyone a fair chance. Ok bye. #pribisaweirdo #pribisaweirdo 1 month ago

sEiNfIeLd ThEmE pLaYs!!1!!!! 1 month ago