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We made it to the man made forest it was planted over 50 years ago to help the hillsides from washing out and stretches over 2km. It is all mahogany which is not a native tree to the philippines and they say no birds live there because they don’t recognize the wood. #funfacts #worldschooling #trynsomethingnew #bohol #manmadeforest #funfacts #bohol #manmadeforest #trynsomethingnew #worldschooling 1 day ago

these little Tarsier monkeys stole our hearts!!! They were even cuter and sweeter in person. we had to hunt for them in the jungle and spot those little bodies snuggling against the branches. they are nocturnal so they were all snoozing so it was hard to spot one with their eyes open but we got one! woo hoo we love you Tarsier monkeys! #tarsiermonkeys #tarsier #itsmorefuninthephilippines #bohol #trynsomethingnew #philippines #worldschool #worldschool #philippines #tarsiermonkeys #bohol #itsmorefuninthephilippines #trynsomethingnew #tarsier 2 days ago

This is one of the reasons why we are in loooove with #Worldschool Nixon did a report in school last year about the Tarsier monkeys 🐒 and now this year she gets to see them in person! How frickin amazing is this???? They are seriously the cutest little things ever!!!! They can fit in the palm of your hand-I want one soooo bad! Since they are nocturnal it was challenging to see one awake with those amazing big eyes. The kids were so excited to try and spot them in the trees although I think me and Jimi were even more giddy lol We are obsessed worth these little guys! Video is soon to follow xoxo #worldschool 2 days ago

finally got the 2nd drone up n running. we crashed the first one 3 days in to our 3 month trip and had to buy a new one in Cebu. @pescadores #philippines #trynsomethingnew #moalboal @tommie.travles #philippines #moalboal #trynsomethingnew 1 week ago

This little sweetie pie just turned 9!!! Happy birthday to our beautiful Nixon So happy for her to celebrate her bday in the Philippines! Looking forward to watching her grow into an amazing young woman... 1 week ago