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× 17.03.18 × i saw a dog on the bus today and i am complete ft. some skate vids @houseofvansldn 4 days ago

× 11.03.18 × i wanna change things up 1 week ago

× 08.03.18 × what’s your name? “on PS4?” “no you’re real name” 1 week ago

× 26.02.18 × i am your star but stars fade and beauty lies within their death 3 weeks ago

× 20.02.18 × i’m going to kazakhstan to f i n d m y s e l f 1 month ago

× 28.01.18 × the lights didn’t stay the lights came crashing down 1 month ago

× 18.01.18 × You. 
It was always you. 
In my fairytale dreams it was you. 
You were what I always have dreamt of.
You were my prince charming. 2 months ago

× 29.11.17 × so much has changed in a year and im not sure if it’s a good thing 2 months ago

× 17.12.17 × love will come and when love comes love will hold you love will call your name and you will melt sometimes though love will hurt you love will never mean to love will play no games because love knows life has been hard enough already 3 months ago

× 18.11.17 × i got a feelin that im not gonna be here for next year so lets laugh a little before im gone 4 months ago

× 28.10.17 × i just wanna be everyones somebody.. i want too much from everybody but then i dont want anything at the same time. 4 months ago

× 26.06.17 × divina commedia my heart is empty 8 months ago

× 14.07.17 × finally getting to see one of my favourite artists after years of dreaming about this moment is one of the best feelings in the world. 9 months ago

× 27.02.17 × i wrote a letter a letter holding sorrow who shall recieve it? 1 year ago

× 27.02.17 × i wish not to be disturbed. leave me alone a call out for help. 1 year ago

× 22.02.17 × art takes many forms my face is one of those forms i am a canvas. 1 year ago

× 12.02.17 × kajun took this pic kajun likes k-pop - my g one more k is bad. 1 year ago

× 25.01.17 × the view is pretty but it can be tempting too jump at your own risk. 1 year ago

× IV. XXI. XVI × kyoto garden where the koi fish swim around my mind is at peace. 1 year ago

× XXVII. XI. XVI × leading to somewhere a place i shall never know i can only dream 1 year ago