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pattern 21 eels! excited to wrap up week three of pattern-making. thanks for the idea for this one @tessisthemess! 17 hours ago

pattern 20 schools of sardines. thanks for the suggestion @lukethedude! 1 day ago

Fun post day!!!! 😍😱 I don’t even know where to begin.... 2 days ago

Im such a list person - I love finishing things and checking boxes 🤓. Instead of trying to only work when the creativity force is strong Ive decided to make my designs more regularly check! ☑️ 😍. I posted #️⃣1️⃣ the other day so heres 2 a blobby stripe pattern to coordinate with my crazy vintage floral. Are you a list person too or more spontaneous? 😀 . . #100patterns #surfacepatterndesign #surfacepatterndesign #100patterns 3 days ago

pattern 15 yellowfin tuna. feeling like doing a series of fishy patterns this week any ideas for next week? 6 days ago

pattern 14 more wacom doodles in two sets. which do you like better? 1 week ago