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May the sun always shine on the path that you share. May the moon and stars always light your hearts with care. Happy Marriage Anniversary. #13yearsAndStillCounting..❤❤❤❤ #13yearsandstillcounting 2 days ago

Todays summary 1st photo Take him to Kg Telaga Air for lunch. Fresh seafood. Butter crab butter prawn chilli lobster umai obor2 and midin belacan. Surprisingly he said that umai obor2 taste good because me myself never eat that dish before. Im feeling a lil bit guilty because he never told me that he has allergy with seafood. But he keep on telling me that it will be fine. Haihh geram lah dengan dia. Risau tau? 😅😅 2nd & 3rd photo Done with lunch he took few photos at the waterfront because he loves the view. 4th & 5th photo With my mum and my brother. They took us to this place and bought Ikan Terubuk Masin which is a must for people from other places to try. 6th photo A selfie for our memories before heading to Mira Cake House. Two things to bring back when you comes visit Sarawak Ikan Terubuk Masin and Kek Lapis. 7th photo A selfie after sharing session. Like we had a long conversation about what happened within the period we lost contact with each other. Catch up with each others life. I can say that he is one of those people that I look up to and I need this kind of people in my life. Thanks for the life advice moral support motivation and everything. 8th & 9th photo Its boarding time. Berat rasa hati nak melepas this guy balik because we never know when we will meet in a future. But lets hope for a good things that maybe we will see each other again anytime soon. I pray for that. Amen. Take care my dear Ahmad. Youve been such a wonderful person ever since I know you when were form 3. Up till today there is nothing change about you. Ada la sikit youre getting taller than me. 😝😝 Other than that youre still the same person. Always love your positive vibes and thank you for giving me a lil bit of that portion. Im glad we could spend time together. You have made my weekend. These moments are my priceless treasure. See you when I see you. 😘💕 #13yearsandstillcounting #pricelesstreasure #bondingtime #qualitytime #positivevibes #positivepeople #positiveoutcome #pricelesstreasure #qualitytime #positivepeople #positiveoutcome #bondingtime #positivevibes #13yearsandstillcounting 3 days ago

1st photo When it was 8.30pm and we havent get the tickets for Justice League yet. Gotta choose the 9.30pm so that Ill be home before midnight. Hence that face. Hihi sorry bro. You still look good. Dont worry. 😝😝 2nd photo We got our seats. So lets eat! Appreciation post for this guy here. Thank you for the effort to make it up to me. Thank you for choosing to be in Kuching instead of KK. Thank you for being so gentleman and ask for permission before we go for a dinner and movie. Hope you wont regret to be here my long lost highschool bf. Hahahahaha. K kidding. Gonna stuff you until you gain kilos before you go back to KL. Hohoho 😈😈 See you tomorrow. #13yearsandstillcounting #pricelesstreasure #pricelesstreasure #13yearsandstillcounting 4 days ago

They are mine! 🦄 Mereka lebih dr sekedar sahabat mereka keluarga Anyas. Mereka tau banget gimana juteknya gue nyolotnya gue kalo lg kesel tau gimana cara dengerin dan ngasih solusi dr semua curhatan gue dan begitupun sebaliknya. Ya karna kita terlalu terbuka satu sama lain. Kalo sama mereka gue lupa kalo ternyata ada kata malu yg emg ga pernah berlaku buat kita 😄😂. Mereka keluarga yg gue temukan 13 tahun lalu. I call them my silly sexy bitches 👭👭👭 #13yearsandstillcounting 💟 #13yearsandstillcounting 4 days ago

Happy birthday my lav!!! Lewat shri kan. Maaf sih. Sistur makin pelupa tapi sis xlupa syg sis sama kau bahh.. thanks always ada dgn aku susah senang @dyll_my !! Sllu ada time aku sedih . Sllu ada tlg aku walau apa pun keadaan. N thanksss byk tlg aku time cuti aritu. Smpai ndak pegi kelas bah. Hahahaha!! I love u lillahitaala dil. Wlau one day kita ttp bjauh aku ttp syg kau okay!!! Tiada ganti!! Muahcikeddddd ! Smga Allah balas smuaaa jasa kau ngan aku. N cpt2 dpt baby kau suru doa kan. And kasi nama sama dgn aunty D okay! 😂😂😂.anda smgaaaa kebahagian kau dgn ayuk kekal selamanya. Kekal sihat. Kekal cantik dan sntiasa dbawah lindungan Allah.. Aamiin allahuma aamin 💋💋💋.. . . . #mygff #mybff #13yearsandstillcounting #sisterbyheart #mylovelygirlfriend #actnov16 #novemberbaby #1611 #sisterbyheart #mygff #mylovelygirlfriend #actnov16 #mybff #novemberbaby #1611 #13yearsandstillcounting 5 days ago

Love is not about how much you say ‘ I love you’ but how much you can prove that it’s true 💕 #13yearsandstillcounting #13yearsandstillcounting 1 week ago

“good friends are like stars. you dont often see them. but you know they re always there for you no matter what happens.” ⭐️ what a precious moment with my perennial baby!🥀 #PhuongxChau #throwback #13yearsandstillcounting #13yearsandstillcounting #throwback #phuongxchau 2 weeks ago