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Another Newbury Comics Exclusive. Limited to 500 copies on split black and white vinyl. JOHN FAHEY. BLIND JOE DEATH. ©1964 Takoma Records. From For his first Takoma release Fahey essentially presented an altered version of his extremely limited-edition less than 100 copies self-pressed 1959 debut. All but one of the songs from that legendary 1959 effort are here but some of them are 1964 re-recordings as Fahey felt correctly that his technique had improved so much that they would benefit from being recut. The albums mystique probably owes more to its rarity and utter oddity in the context of its era than the music in which Faheys experimental blues-folk acoustic fusion is just beginning to take shape. It remains a very interesting record from a historical perspective however as few if any other guitarists were attempting to interpret blues and folk idioms in such an idiosyncratic fashion in the late 50s and early 60s. 2 days ago

Purchased from @joelswaney’s Discogs store for only 5 bucks! Thanks Joel. Great deals galore. It’s like an #instantrecordcollection. Plenty of unplayed vintage records. Many still sealed. He’s got a link in his bio. #instantrecordcollection 3 days ago

Sometimes I get lazy and fail to re-shelf records after spinning them. Instead they accumulate on the floor intermixed with newer acquisitions. I place little round stickers on the plastic sleeve to indicate what has been logged in Discogs. Most albums I own still have yet to be logged so the stickers help me remember which ones I don’t have to worry about. This pile includes a bunch from a recent Newbury Comics sale featuring their exclusive ed vinyl re-issues. 4 days ago

Really enjoying this Newbury Comics Butter Cream Vinyl edition of KENNY BURRELL & JOHN COLTRANE. The mastering of this edition is top notch! 👌🏻 ©1963 From For his final Prestige-related session as a sideman John Coltrane tenor sax and Kenny Burrell guitar are supported by an all-star cast of Paul Chambers bass Jimmy Cobb drums and Tommy Flanagan piano. This short but sweet gathering cut their teeth on two Flanagan compositions another two lifted from the Great American Songbook and a Kenny Burrell original. Flanagans tunes open and close the album with the spirited "Freight Trane" getting the platter underway. While not one of Coltranes most assured performances he chases the groove right into the hands of Burrell. The guitarist spins sonic gold and seems to inspire similar contributions from Chambers bowed bass and Coltrane alike. The Gus Kahn/Ted Fio Rito standard "I Never Knew" frolics beneath Burrells nimble fretwork. Once he passes the reins to Coltrane the differences in their styles are more readily apparent with Burrell organically emerging while Coltrane sounds comparatively farther out structurally. Much of the same can likewise be associated to Burrells own "Lyresto" with the two co-leads gracefully trading and incorporating spontaneous ideas. The delicate "Why Was I Born" is one for the ages as Burrell and Coltrane are captured in a once-in-a-lifetime duet. Together they weave an uncanny and revealing sonic tapestry that captures a pure and focused intimacy. This thanks in part to the complete restraint of the ensemble who take the proverbial "pause for the cause" and sit out. What remains is the best argument for the meeting of these two jazz giants. In many ways the showpiece of the project is Flanagans nearly quarter-hour "Big Paul." The pianists lengthy intro establishes a laid-back bop-centric melody with his trademark stylish keyboards perfectly balancing Chambers and Cobbs rock-solid timekeeping. Coltranes restraint is palpable as he traverses and examines his options with insightful double-time flurries that assert themselves then retreat into the larger extent of his solo. #vinyl #vinylcollection #vinylobsession #kennyburrellandjohncoltrane #johncoltrane #vinyllover #newburycomics #projectturntable #nowspinning #nowplaying #inmycrates #kennyburrell #vinylvideo #vinylclub #vinyljunkie #projectaudio #vinyligclub #records #prestigerecords #ilovediscogs #vinylrecords 4 days ago

Back in middle school a friend bestowed upon me a TDK SA-90 cassette tape. On the A-side he copied “WHO ARE YOU.” On side B he added “LET’S MAKE A NEW DOPE DEAL” by Cheech & Chong. I became a WHO fan instantaneously. So I’m taking this Valentine’s Day to remember my first true love—THE WHO—on a collectible red Canadian pressing. Raising a toast with BELLS Two-“Hearted” Ale as it only seems appropriate. I never did acquire that Cheech & Chong record on vinyl. #vinyl #vinylcollection #valentines #vinylobsession #vinyllover #projectturntable #johnentwistle #nowspinning #thewho #nowplaying #inmycrates #whoareyou #loveiscomingdown #who #vinylvideo #vinylclub #vinyljunkie #rogerdaltrey #projectaudio #vinyligclub #records #keithmoon #firsttruelove #ilovediscogs #petetownshend #vinylrecords 6 days ago

“It’s just a rumour that was spread around town...” 🎺 CHET BAKER takes a trumpet solo on this track from ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS PUNCH THE CLOCK. Simply beautiful. ©1983 CBS Inc. #vinyl #shipbuilding #vinylcollection #vinylobsession #vinyllover #projectturntable #nowspinning #nowplaying #inmycrates #tkohorns #vinylvideo #elviscostelloandtheattractions #vinylclub #vinyljunkie #chetbaker #elviscostello #projectaudio #vinyligclub #records #punchtheclock #vinylrecords 1 week ago

Hey punk rockers!! 📢💀It’s #InternationalClashDay!💀🎸🔈And what are ya gonna do about it?! 💥👊🏼💥 #internationalclashday 1 week ago

For the first time on vinyl. GOLDEN SMOG. WEIRD TALES. ©1998/2018 Ryko/Rhino From Weird Tales the second album from alt-country supergroup Golden Smog while in theory a collective banging of the guitars basses and drums of its principal players is actually a series of solo tunes by those artists fleshed out by a backing band consisting of like-minded and extremely capable performers. That doesnt make it any less a fine- or well-intentioned album its just not the one-for-all all-for-one group project that its built up to be. Think of it as the White Album process everyone including members of Run Westy Run the Jayhawks Soul Asylum Big Star and Wilco gets a chance to toss a tune or two into the consolidated song bin and let the gang go at it. And as expected the best songwriters here Gary Louris of the Jayhawks and Wilcos Jeff Tweedy contribute Weird Tales most solid tracks. A pet project aimed more toward fans of the genre than the casual listener Golden Smog nonetheless deliver the goods with a good deal of twangy heart and soul. 3 weeks ago

Some coffee and BLUR before jumping into the day’s chores. PARKLIFE. ©1994/2012 EMI Records Ltd. From Modern Life Is Rubbish established Blur as the heir to the archly British pop of the Kinks the Small Faces and the Jam but its follow-up Parklife revealed the depth of that transformation. Relying more heavily on Ray Davies seriocomic social commentary as well as new wave Parklife runs through the entire history of post-British Invasion Britpop in the course of 16 songs touching on psychedelia synth pop disco punk and music hall along the way. Damon Albarn intended these songs to form a sketch of British life in the mid-90s and its startling how close he came to his goal not only did the bouncy disco-fied "Girls & Boys" and singalong chant "Parklife" become anthems in the U.K. but they inaugurated a new era of Brit-pop and lad culture where British youth celebrated their country and traditions. The legions of jangly melodic bands that followed in the wake of Parklife revealed how much more complex Blurs vision was. Not only was their music precisely detailed -- sound effects and brilliant guitar lines pop up all over the record -- but the melodies elegantly interweaved with the chords as in the graceful heartbreaking "Badhead." Surprisingly Albarn for all of his cold dispassionate wit demonstrates compassion that gives these songs three dimensions as on the pathos-laden "End of a Century" the melancholy Walker Brothers tribute "To the End" and the swirling epic closer "This Is a Low." For all of its celebration of tradition Parklife is a thoroughly modern record in that it bends genres and is self-referential the mod anthem of the title track is voiced by none other than Phil Daniels the star of Quadrophenia. And by tying the past and the present together Blur articulated the mid-90s Zeitgeist and produced an epoch-defining record. 1 month ago

Dropping a plug for my friends at @corduroycarrot. Some of the most affordably priced used records and vintage gear in town. If you find yourself in St. Paul be sure to check ‘em out. And cool little stickers! 😎 I now return you to our regularly scheduled program. 1 month ago

January 8 1947 — January 10 2016. Should be a 3-day international celebration. With paid time off. What should we name this holiday? 1 month ago

Bowie boxes in bags. If life were fair I would be up all night spinning this legacy. Instead I go to bed in order to wake up and go to work so I can earn an income and buy more vinyl. Vinyl I have no time to spin. But come retirement...ah yes. I wonder if they offer reverse mortgages on record collections. 😞 Happy birthday Bowie. 🎂👨‍🎤 1 month ago

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