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Gods way is not our ways. His way is better than our ways. While we want a healing He plans for us the resurrection. The oods are for me because God who makes all things possible is always for me. God will not let something happen if it is not there to promote me... it might seem impossible now but i know and i believe that You will open the door that i am supposed to go. Jesus thank you that You are more powerful than anything that i am facing now. I know You always have something better than my idea and my dream. You have me in the palm of Your hand. Only a word all things will turn around for my good... #niteisblessed #god #prayer #hooe #jesus #godlovesyou #godlovesyou #prayer #god #hooe #jesus #niteisblessed 6 days ago

"Whatever struggle fear or disappointment you are facing God has already equipped you to overcome it." ☺️☺️☺️ This watch has been a self-reminder for me in these 2 years. It helps me to look forward and step to the unknown of the future with good attitude and faith that i have not yet seen all the best days of my life. No matter what it is - if i made it through once i will make it through again. Even it might be something i have never experienced before i will win or i will learn... Once all is done the heart of gratitude my happiness and people that love me are always the things that i found at the end of the storm. I cannot say this watch is very important to me but i can say i have some stories with it... Now i passed it on to you. I hope it will also always remind you that you are capable you are good and you can do and be anything you want and still be surrounded by people that you love and truly love you. Keep faith and believe in yourself. Your happiness is the most important thing. #my30sdays #niteisblessed #my30sdays #niteisblessed 1 month ago

I wanna hear more of You. As it is said in the Bible - You must increase i must decrease. I put all my hope in Your hands. I know You are preparing me for something according to Your plan. Please strengthen me. Please fill my heart with grace. Please teach me to love like You do. You are love. . . . #bibleverse #god #godlovesyou #godislove #dailybread #prayer #niteisblessed #godislove #dailybread #bibleverse #godlovesyou #prayer #god #niteisblessed 3 weeks ago

Somehow i feel weird inside tonight ~ a bit troublesome a bit unrest. Im still scared of things i dont know and the future that i cannot see the way. I wanna learn how to trust God more and rest my soul in Jesus. Being Catholic doesnt mean that you will never have doubts. Just i wanna be able to manage it better. Even i said so i feel a small joy within me. I dont understand what is the feeling i have tonight. I admit i am a bit confused now... However i know that the Heavenly Father His only Son and the Holy Spirit have been and will always be with me. I might be scared now but i know that by tomorrow You will still wake me up and give me daily direction to get me each step closer to Your promises... one day at a time. Let me focus on my race where the Lord Jesus is with me... My best days are closer than i expected. In Jesus name... #niteisblessed #dailybread #dailybread #niteisblessed 3 weeks ago

The unknown i am concerned about is not unknown to God... I opened the Bible today and the chapter i read was about trusting and going to the unknown. Leaving it all to God even when you do not understand and our Heavenly Father will return things that belong to you back. All we need to do is putting our trust in Him. Again You gave me the direction in the darkest time. Please let me rest in You ... Please guard my heart 😣😣😣 #dailybread #niteisblessed #dailybread #niteisblessed 3 weeks ago

😣😣😣 ยังไงดี... #niteisblessed #niteisblessed 1 month ago

I present to You what i want the most. Also i will return it back in Your hands because i put my trust in You. I will show my faith in Your plan and Your timing. I know You will take care of my heart. What is for me will never go pass me and You will return it back to me... What is not for me You will replace it with the far better thing beyond my expectations as You have been doing for me... #injesusname #Godisgood #trustinthelord #niteisblessed #godisgood #injesusname #trustinthelord #niteisblessed 1 month ago

Happy Easter ❤️ God always finishes the promise He puts in your heart. All things are possible in Him ~ keep faith! We are loved more than we ever know by the guy who died for us and now He lives~~!! #easter #jesuslives #bible #catholic #god #niteisblessed #bible #catholic #god #jesuslives #easter #niteisblessed 11 months ago

"พอถามพระว่ามีอะไรอยากให้หนูรับทราบบ้างคะ... 😅😅 แหม่... ไม่เคยนับว่าใครเป็นศัตรู ไม่ได้เกลียดใคร แม้ใครจะพูดอะไร สักพักก้อผ่านไป ถือว่าเปนการผจญ เปนบททดสอบ แต่การเข้าใจเหล่ามารผจญอย่างเดียว พระเจ้าไม่นับว่าหนูทำได้ใช่มั้ยคะ 😂😂😂" #niteisblessed #niteisblessed 2 years ago

"& forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen..." #niteisblessed #niteisblessed 2 years ago

"องค์พระผู้เป็นเจ้าพระเจ้าทรงช่วยข้าพเจ้า ดังนั้น ข้าพเจ้าจึงไม่ต้องละอาย..." #niteisblessed #niteisblessed 2 years ago

"Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you~" #niteisblessed #niteisblessed 1 year ago

"Because she loves me" says the Lord "I will rescue her I will protect her for she acknowledges my name." Psalms 9114 #niteisblessed #niteisblessed 1 year ago