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This is how close i am to losing my mind 14 hours ago

Bro shit πŸ”₯ @chrissasje 1 day ago

Noah is here to tell you that my laptop is stuffed which is why i cant do any art right now 1 day ago

71K πŸ’• 1 day ago

O 1 day ago

Flood 4 days ago

Ew @kayleegriggs 4 days ago

Maccas ft. @lyrikillakillinshit 4 days ago

First of all who even labeled Post Malone as a Hip Hop artist? Who labeled him as a rapper? Certainly not himself. Second people act like hes the only white guy who has/had braids and wears grills. Has anyone heard of Riff Raff? Third a white guy telling a white guy to get out of Hip Hop? πŸ˜‚ Posts recent comments on Hip Hop are obviously aimed at the newest generation of "rappers" and the repetitive topics of drugs sex money etc. No emotion. People look at him and what he has been labelled as and just hate hate hate. Get off the hatewagon. Hes a grown ass man he can look like whatever the fuck he wants to look like. If you dont like it just listen to something else. 1 week ago

I aint tryna watch your stories if the shit looks like grains of rice at the top of my screen lmao 1 week ago

Existence is Pain Artwork by me βš– 1 week ago

Break 1 week ago

#tbt Artwork by me βš– #tbt 1 week ago