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Having won 2 billboard spaces in the central London exhibition last week I’d love to try and get another of my submitted pieces a spot one being this ‘Lost at Sea’ Illustration from last year...if people have a moment to follow the link in my bio and vote for it and/or for my others - a Prince portrait and my jellyfish image are the other 2 left - I’d be really grateful! Thank you everyone who voted for the previous images and for all of your support 🙃 #sea #artistsoninstagram #artist #brushandink #artwork #storm #londonart #handdrawn #design #tbt #illustration #instaart #ocean #blueplanet #poster #nature #win #illustrationart #aquatic #shoreditch #art #london #slmillustration #ink #illustrator #drawing #graphicdesign #competition #creative #inkart 8 hours ago

Nighttime pics of my poster in Finsbury Square Shoreditch. Very pleased to have had 2 illustrations win places being displayed on the streets in central London and enjoyed tracking them down to check them out!! Thanks for the opportunity!! 2 days ago

My ‘Underwater’ fish shoal pic up on a billboard at Finsbury Square Shoreditch! FYI in case your wondering a shoal is a group of fish that have come together for social reasons!! 🐠🎉🐡🎊🐟 3 days ago

I’ve just found out this updated version of my fish shoal image has also won a space on a digital billboard in Shoreditch all day Friday!!! It’ll be on display until midnight at Finsbury Square EC2A 2EP so I’ll be hanging out that way again to take pics and have a few drinks - give me a shout if you’re in the area!! And look out for the pic posts over the weekend 🙃 4 days ago

Nighttime pics of my illustration up on Shoreditch High Street...had to ask a randomer to take a pic of me that wasn’t a selfie!! The first pic is a selfie tho for clarification! 4 days ago

Here’s a few daytime shots just about of my poster up on a digital billboard on Shoreditch High Street...guess this counts as my first London exhibition!! 5 days ago

So I have just found out that my ocean illustration Into The Blue has won a space in Shoreditch at one of Loop.gls exhibition billboards...super chuffed!!! Its going to be on display all day tomorrow 4th March at . E1 6HU - Shoreditch High Street near Tesco express - realised the link didn’t work and can’t put it in my bio .
If anyoness in the area please go check it out...and send me a pic if you do!!! Ill be going to see it in the late afternoon and early evening and will have a drink nearby so if anyones interested in joining let me know! 6 days ago

I seem to keep having to draw Jar Jar for people’s t-shirts so thought I’d do it properly this time for a friends birthday recently not being able to find one to can see how happy he was with his gift clearly a big fan!! Kudos to anyone who knows the second film reference I decided to use in the political slogan...! Despite Jar Jar’s career in politics being the direct cause of the beginning of the Empire! 6 days ago

Detail from an update of my profile pic self portrait looking super moody...might have to do a happy one to my hair’s shorter these days so more up to date too!! 1 week ago

Panoramic of The Sunlight Zone...and done!! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback I’ve received about this piece if you haven’t seen the full picture yet now is a good time to head over to my wall as the grid is only in the right layout every 3rd post! Happy weekend everyone!! 2 weeks ago

Panoramic of layer 3 - The Midnight Zone 2 weeks ago

Panoramic of ‘Trenches’ layer...posting the zones like this so they can be viewed in full... 2 weeks ago

INTO THE BLUE • Part 15 of 15 - ‘The Sunlight Zone’ • It’s complete! Head to my wall to see the full illustration over 15 the correct layout right now hope you like it!! I’ll post some panoramic pics of each layer soon... 3 weeks ago

INTO THE BLUE • Part 14 of 15 - ‘The Sunlight Zone’ • Only one more post to go in this large scale section to come this evening and will be the perfect time to see the full image grid on my wall... 3 weeks ago

INTO THE BLUE • Part 13 of 15 - ‘The Sunlight Zone’ • First entry into the last of the zones at the top 200 metres of depth where the majority of sea life lives. Excited to reveal the complete illustration which is only 2 posts away and will then be able to be seen in full as a grid on my wall so be sure to check back and see it if you’ve liked the artwork so far!! 3 weeks ago

INTO THE BLUE • Part 12 of 15 - ‘The Twighlight Zone’ • And the surface approaches... 3 weeks ago